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Respond to at least two colleagues in one of the following ways:

Compare and contrast the key elements of grant writing identified in your and your colleague’s post.
Provide a constructive critique of your colleague’s ideas for demonstrating a positive and measurable effect to a funder.
Provide recommendations to find funding sources for this proposal.

Sample Solution

ways. Her mentality may shift to strictly focus on finding a successor and she may fall behind on her duties with subcontractors or may miss mistakes made by designers. Or, Kirsti may fail to train her successor since she is a micromanager. She may not delegate enough work and training to her successor and then she won’t have someone who is prepared to take over for her. If Paakkanen stays with Marimekko and chooses to focus on expanding the company internationally she will have some big choices to make. This may benefit her since she may continue to see success for herself in the company. She will continue to maintain the respect of her workers and her positive image. As for the company, it may find booming business internationally. Their designs could be adored worldwide, this will also benefit the designers since people will begin to know their names. Some big issues that may arise are the struggle to break against their group norms. By potentially having to add more men or by expanding past their boundaries of Finnish workers, there becomes changes the company hasn’t faced before. Plus, expanding gives less control to Paakkanen. Yes, they may be optimizing on their target market. Or, it could backfire and no one may take to the products of Marimekko very well. Lastly, this could create in groups and out groups, causing tension among workers in Finland and internationally. Working on an international scale may be too much for Paakkanen to handle.>

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