We can work on A Saudi or Middle Eastern company strategy

Choose a Saudi or Middle Eastern company and answer the following questions:

  1. Examine the performance of your chosen company in relation to the following four characteristics of successful strategies.

a. Clear, consistent, long-term objectives.
b. Profound understanding of the environment.
c. Objective appraisal of resources
d. Effective implementation

  1. Review the figure 2.3 from your textbook and the relative text about Porter’s five forces of competition framework and assess the power of each of five forces on your chosen company by answering the following questions:

a. What is the level of competition in your company’s industry?
b. How easy is it to find an alternative to your company’s products and services?
c. How powerful are your company’s buyers and suppliers?
d. What’s the threat of new businesses starting in this industry?

Sample Solution

kids, so girls ought to work. We frequently do now not consider childcare and afterschool packages to help working girls. Borck may want to prove this in his research. these applications and childcare centers ought to be seen as positives, this can assist lower the salary gap inside the future, as long as our society can see the gain it has on operating women. So how huge is the problem? “In 2015, women running complete time inside the u.s.a. normally had been paid just 80 percentage of what men have been paid, a gap of 20 percentage (Proctor et al., 2016). the gap has narrowed when you consider that 1960, due largely to girls’s progress in schooling and team of workers participation and to men’s wages growing at a slower price. on the charge of alternate between 1960 and 2015, women are predicted to attain pay equity with guys in 2059. but even that gradual development has stalled in latest years. If change maintains at the slower fee seen seeing that 2001, girls will now not reach pay equity with men till 2152.” (Hill, 2017) these findings are scary, if this keeps this may have long term financial results on working ladies. In 2015, 14 percent of yankee women a long time 18–sixty four have been dwelling underneath the federal poverty level, as compared with eleven in keeping with- cent of guys. (Hill, 2017) So, what’s causing it? so far researchers are coming across it is a combination of, career, higher schooling, and industry choices. If a woman chooses a low-paying cashier role and another chief executive that also contributes to the data of women with low wages. “Of the overall U.S. gender pay gap of 24.1 percentage in base pay, we find that 16.2 percent is “defined” by using differences among male and female people: extraordinary a long time, degrees of schooling, revel in, industries, occupations, corporation sizes and places. The ultimate 7.nine percentage of the pay gap is “unexplained,” due either to factors we aren’t capable of study or to workplace bias and discrimination.” (Chamberlain, 2016) Warren Farrell indexed his top 5 positions that he believes will preserve ladies hired, in the event that they chose something that isn’t usually in the office and neat, but now and again messy and consists of warmth. “In short, generation isn’t always process protection, but profession protection. profession protection subjects extra than process security, and each can rely extra than the exact amount you are paid.” (Farrell, 2005) the field-with-better-Yield method: One to five select a field in generation or the more difficult sciences, not the humanities or social sciences (pharmacology vs. art history) Get risk pay with out the dangers (lady adminstratior in air force vs. male combat soldier in navy) Jobs requiring little training, people who divulge you to the heat and are probably messy pay greater than the ones which can be indoors and neat (u.s.deliverer vs. receptionist) In maximum jobs with higher pay, you may’t mentally take a look at out on the stop of the day (company lawyer vs. librarian) Fields with better pay regularly have lower achievement (tax accountant vs. child care professional) (Farrell, 2005) Is it viable that ladies can be constrained themselves from better paid positions? part of the answer is yes, while the opposite element is no. sure, If ladies continuously tackle low-paying jobs>

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