We can work on “Fundamental attribution error”

Answer the following two questions using specific examples. Use one paragraph per question.

  1. How have you experienced the “self-serving bias”?
  2. How have you experienced “fundamental attribution error”?

Sample Solution

1923, Alice Paul, the chief of the country wide lady’s party wrote the equal Rights change for the united states constitution and Congressional Union, followed with the aid of the country wide woman’s birthday celebration in 1916. (Ruthsdotter, 1998) we’ve had many waves of trade for women and their rights, however we nevertheless aren’t quite same yet. we are now allowed to vote, divorce, take complete custody of our youngsters, personal land, be leaders in non secular groups, be business owners, CEO’s, and document with the courts over domestic abuse. this stuff and more have shown how far we’ve come due to the fact 1848. The motive for the consistent waves of trade, and fighting again, is in all likelihood because of ladies and men alike, can see a lady as extra than just a woman, with constrained capacity. Who some best seen her job as a spouse, start kids and take care of the house. girls are now seen as fellow person who deserve respect and the equal rights as their male counterpart. ladies and men have fought alongside each different for the equality of girls; particularly inside the work region, for many years. If guys within the workplace may want to see women as their accomplice, and now not combatant perhaps we’d end this salary inequality amongst women. Many have performed studies to discover why are women paid much less than men within the administrative center? researchers have taken a specific method of their studies in women’s lives, that may contribute to the salary gap. One researcher discovered character and wages have a correlation with wages for women and men. “women rating extra pretty on agreeableness than guys, and because this trait is associated with lower wages within the labour market, men having decrease agreeableness represents a bonus. on the other hand, men have a better common score for mind than girls, and due to the fact this trait is rewarded in the salary placing, guys’s better score for this trait also represents a bonus.” (Nyhus, 2012) this is profound studies, no longer many people might involve the personalities of men and women and primarily based wages on that. Of route, many will argue that ought to now not be a factor, inside the fairness of same pay for ladies. any other researcher considered the correlation of childcare and wages for ladies. “nations wherein society has a superb mind-set toward running mothers or approximately the preference for outside childcare for kids will offer greater childcare, as a way to bring about will increase of fertility and woman hard work pressure participation and will reduce the wage gap. external childcare reduces the time women placed into baby rearing which will increase fertility and labor supply and this decreases the gender wage gap. If each person believes that childcare usage might be 0, the use of childcare might be zero, which results in zero usage. Fertility and female labour supply might be therefore low and the salary gap might be high.” (Borck, 2014) Borck, ought to see the importance of having childcare facilities, so one can provid>

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