Variables that affect international Competitiveness of GCC

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The paper aims to explore the relationship between financial markets and international competitiveness in GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council). To achieve the above goal, the study will look at how financial markets help in channeling savings into investment in both foreign direct investment and national investment; by examining the structure of investment it will conclude the impact of finance on the international competitiveness of GCC. So the literature review will focus on
1. An introduction
2. literature review that covers
A. The definition of competitiveness
B. The way and the variable are used to measure the competitiveness in literature
C. details about the GCC and its financial system; highlight weakness, inefficiency, malfunction that may lead to invest aboard and leakage the national saving instead of invest inboard.
D. The Importance of using capital (funds) to improve competitiveness through improving technology, reducing the cost and raise competitiveness.
E. The link between the improvement of competitiveness in GCC and the need for good fanatical system that improve the competitiveness
Then kindly would you please suggest a methodology to run an empirical study to test the above topic, here what needed is the suggested variables and its definition I will do the models to test the relations

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