Business Studies Stock Fraud

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Your essay should:

1) Make an argument about the significance of the topic (“So what?”).
2) Analyze the conventions of a specific academic discipline that conducts research on this topic (i.e. what is necessary to successfully research this topic?)
3) Compare the rhetorical strategies of research done on this topic from 3 academic sources. That is, you’ll discuss not what the scholars’ arguments are, but how scholars in the field develop and present their arguments. To this end, you may want to focus on your major in order to become more familiar with its expectations and to think critically about how literacy practices influence the broader goals of an academic discipline. Follow your interests.
4) Join the conversation taking place in the research (“I say”).

4 Pages, Standard Font (12 Times New Roman etc.), double-spaced, 1 inch margins. Works Cited page with citations that follow a disciplinary standard (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.).

Use these sources:

Dolvin, Steven D. Can Venture Capitalist Tame the Wolves? An Analysis of Fraudulent Underwriters, IPO Characteristics and VC Certification.

Chambers, Clem. “Money Markets.” Too Big to Fail Volkswagen Set to Do a Banking Turn 1 Nov. 2015. Web.

You need to find one more academic source about this topic.


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