Therapeutic Metaphor custom essay

A client who suffers from child sexual abuse.

The clients problem is that this female client you can giver her any name was abused as a child. The struggles she has is that she
uses sex as a way of acting out her shame or guilt and has difficulty with relationships with men. He end goal is that she wants to
feel no more shame or guilt about her abuse and wants to have healthier relationships with men. In The paper create this client in
detail. How does this person see her life and how she has been affected, incorporate some hobbies that she may have, her likes,
dislikes, strengths, and abilities. (utilize themes) or mastery that the client may have, ie presenting fear = present strengths. Use
polarities as themes. like strengths/weakness; holding on/letting go; control/out of control; isolation/connection and then parallel in
the story. Match the problems with a parallel problem so that if I was to read this story to the client she would not know this is her
life story but one that reflects her life using metaphors to help her see options. Include all sensory systems. Auditory, visual,
kinesthetic, and olfactory.Perhaps a good reference of how to write this would be to look at the Use of Metaphors in Psychotherapy.



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