Project Management in Information Agencies custom essay

Case study: Developing a project specification

Your manager has come to you with the idea that she would like to organise a full day of guest speakers to talk about innovative practice in information management. You have been given the following details:
o A budget of $6k (Aus) or equivalent Hong Kong $ for the day to cover guest speaker travel and possible speaker payments,
o Catering approximately $1000,
o Deadline 12th January 2016
o You must invite people from your relevant professional association but they must pay to attend and you are responsible for setting the fee and generating at least $3k in income from the event,
o You are not required to make any profit on this project; $3000 is income and not profit.
Note that:
o Your office has a staff member who is responsible for marketing,
o Project management work for IT work is not a new concept in your workplace, but project managing non IT projects is still unfamiliar to many non IT staff,
o Your manager has said it is up to you to decide if you want to build a project team to tackle this task.
Your task is to develop this idea into a formal project specification for your manager’s approval.
o Make any assumptions you like but describe (list and detail) these at the end of the document, please be sure to make these as realistic as possible.
o The type of organisation that the project is set in is up to you. The setting can be a library, archive, records office, knowledge management centre or other information-related workplace; you will need to list this.
o The textbook has a tremendous amount of information that can guide you in putting together this assignment.
o Please use headings to break up the text. Think of the language you will be using, the tone, the audience for the project specification (your manager).
o Develop your specification by giving it a proper structure (i.e., include table of contents, introduction, body, findings and recommendations, conclusions, appendices (if any), and references).


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