Tender Preparation

The paper is a tender response to a request for proposal. The assignement will be undertaken from 2 seperate perspectives, from the owner and from the provider.

Q. What limitations are there around the ‘fictional company’?

A. Ideally the company you represent should be similar to some of those in the market. For the phase 1 component of the assignment of importance is the size of the firm and the scope of services you may normally deliver. Remember the larger the company the more likely it is to have high overheads and thus any discussion should be consistent.

Q. All the data of the current market has to be real. Is it correct?

A. Yes

Q. If so, could you advise me about a place or website where I can read and explore the current construction Australian Market?

A. You need to start researching current affairs and industry peak body groups – The Financial Review covers engineering and all companies outline their winning work on their web pages. Companies are documents on the likes of VicRoads prequalification webpage http://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/Home/Moreinfoandservices/TendersAndSuppliers/RegisterOfPrequalifiedContractorsAndConsultants.htm Other immediate sources include ABS http://www.abs.gov.au/ausstats/[email protected]/mf/8782.0.65.001; Federal Gov www.nics.gov.au but it would be best if you do some research yourselves.

Q. Can we do collusion to win the bid cheaply?

A. Collusion could be illegal if it is done secretly to manupulate the price. Instead you can form Alliances to form a constructive competition which is not only legal but also is encouraged by the owner. Of course you are not asked and shouldn’t advise any illegal conduct in this assignment!

Q. Is there is any table of content or references required?

A. The style of the report is your choice that will prove your understanding of your audiences and how effective it would be. In the marking, it is also part of evaluation expected to see from students. You are required to put references if you use or borrow external material.

Q. Is there any style of references should be applied?

A. You are free to choose your style as long as it is consistently applied to whole report. APA could be a common style but not the only one.

Q. Is there any recommendation on the report organisation?

A. Report organisation and how you split the sections, headings and sub heading is all your choices and will determine the quality of your report. We cannot make recommendation unless to emphasise the importance of the issue. The clarity of your document for the readers shouldn’t be forgotten.

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