We can work on Vocational Assessment Summary and Treatment Plan

Read The Case of Jennifer. Jennifer is a 33-year-old woman who is unhappy with her current employment.Jennifer works for an online distribution company and is responsible for monitoring the inventory and keepingthe records up to date at all times. She has been doing this job for the past three years and has never feltfulfilled. Before […]

We can work on : Comparative Assessment of Welfare-To-Work Vocational Education programs between Mississippi and Louisiana.

Welfare-to-WorkTopic: Comparative Evaluation of Vocational/Training Educational Programs and Their Effects on Welfare programs in Mississippi and LouisianaEach Student is to:1.    Identify a welfare-to-work program. (Vocational Education/Training Programs between Mississippi and Louisiana)2.    Evaluate the chosen program by comparing it with a similar welfare-to-work program.3.    Provide a brief history, the social welfare policy that supported the program, […]

Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational Rehabilitation. Description The methodological issues associated with career research and people have resulted in a fragment body of research. Discuss the importance of viewing research from the Context, individual, mediating, environment and the outcome. 2.Discuss the difference between Yost and Corbishley theory of Career Counseling and Krombolz theory of Career counseling? Give examples of […]

Vocational Midterm Exam

Vocational Midterm Exam Choose a vocation (career/job) you wish to pursue. Identify one potential problem in your anticipated vocational field (the job/career area you wish to pursue following high school, technical school, and/or college). For detailed information on your chosen field use the Occupational Outlook Handbook – http://www.bls.gov/ooh/ Obtaining the education to get the job […]