Surveillance Epidemiology

Surveillance Epidemiology

HE/HP 730 Spring 2015 Homework assignment C 50 points
Consider a health issue of concern or interest to you.

Identify two source of surveillance data for that issue. Please state:

a. the group responsible for the data (owner), (5 points)
b. the method of data collection, (5 points)
c. the type of surveillance system, (5 points)
d. the definition of the primary health issue, population surveilled, (5 points)
e. Two strengths and two weaknesses of the system. (10 points)

Consider surveillance for the newly expanding viruses in the greater Caribbean region.
a. Identify three factors that may positively impact collection of disease specific data (10 points)
b. Identify three factors that may negatively impact collection of disease specific data (10 points)

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