Importance of Business Functions

Importance of Business Functions
The written report on key features of “Information Systems & Project Management”. This should be in essay/report style and include references in the Harvard style. Appropriate sources include:
• Textbooks
• Professional or trade bodies in UK
• Journals
• UK Job adverts
• Careers sites in UK
• News items from quality media
• Academic articles about the profession
• Biography or Autobiography of leaders in the field Personal contact with professionals
• Business encyclopaedias e.g. “Business the Ultimate Resource”
• NOT Wikipedia and similar encyclopaedia sources
In (200 words) describe what is DISTINCTIVE about this function and how this distinctiveness relates to any relevant management theory or framework. For example, the planning/organising/leading/controlling framework would be an example.
Outline four key personal and/or professional qualities that you think will be needed from the top professionals in this Function by 2025. Base this on specific evidence from professional bodies, employers, academics or other relevant high quality sources (300 words)
Give reasons why “Internal Communication” is important for the success of “Information Systems & Project Management function” (150 words)
With the remaining (450 words) can you analyse the sources that have been used.

Below are definitions that have been provided of the business functions:
• Information Systems & Project Management – The information systems function is responsible for the provision of hardware, software and IT support services. Much of its operational work is outsourced, but not all systems have been upgraded to modern web and cloud technologies. Because of expertise in large projects, this function has also been made responsible for the project management of all large projects across the organisation. The function recruits from IT, consulting and project management backgrounds.

• Internal Communication – There is an important need for good internal communications, primarily through online private media (the company intranet, i.e. Moodle) but sometimes also using public social media. The culture of MGI allows a reasonable amount of freedom to the IC to uncover and publish mostly positive but also at times some negative stories.

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