James Crisp’s book Sleuthing the Alamo


For this assignment, you will be reading James Crisp’s book Sleuthing the Alamo. Using the book, you will select one of the following questions, and answer it fully in a 3-page essay. (Hint: to count as three pages, it has to be near the bottom of the third page. Also, really long headings and wide margins and gaping spaces between paragraphs fool no one.)

This essay should be double-spaced. Please use an 11- or 12-point font (Calibri or Times New Roman are probably your defaults, and these are both good choices), and have one-inch margins.
If you choose to use direct quotes, you must cite them properly. Be sure to put the quote inside quotation marks, and then put the page number of the quote in parentheses right after it. It is not necessary to use any sources other than Sleuthing the Alamo, and if you choose not to, no bibliography or works cited page is needed.
However, you may use other sources if you like. If you decide to do so, you will need to include a bibliography page at the end, including the full citations of all extra sources. You may use whichever citation style you are most comfortable with (history typically uses Chicago or Turabian), but be sure you have cited all sources fully. If you use quotes, indicate the name of the source along with the page number. Remember: a good rule of thumb is, when in doubt, cite. You will never get accused of plagiarism for citing too much.
Be sure to put your name on your essay!

Answer the question, on the essay.

3. Think about what Davy Crockett and the Alamo mean. Why did James Crisp receive hate mail when he suggested that Davy Crockett didn’t go down fighting? Why did he receive specifically racist hate mail? How did the Alamo become racial in nature (“white vs. Mexican”)? What do all of these things tell us about how history, as opposed to the past, is constructed and used?
Please include your resources used.

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