Maslow and Cast Away movie

Maslow and Cast Away movie

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Cast Away Essay Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is one of the most accepted and widely acknowledged analyses of humans’ innate curiosity and motivation for life. In the film, “Cast Away”, Tom Hanks’ character progresses and digresses through many levels of Maslow’s Hierarchy. In a 500 minimum word essay (750 maximum), explain how Chuck Noland accomplishes each level of the Hierarchy of Needs pyramid. Does he reach self-actualization? How does he fulfill the lower level needs when stuck on the island? These are just prompting questions that you should answer while describing Chuck’s climb and fall during the course of the film. For this assignment, you will be graded on the following items: – Do you address each level of the Hierarchy of Needs pyramid and how Chuck did or did not fulfill each level’s needs? 50 points – Is your grammar, punctuation, and paragraph structure correct? 30 points – Do you have a thesis statement and at least 500 words? 20 points DUE: 2 NOVEMBER 2015

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