CRAIG MANUFACTURING – Supply Chain Management

CRAIG MANUFACTURING – Supply Chain Management

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Case Study TOPIC-CRAIG MANUFACTURING – Supply Chain Management Attaching Questions, which need to answer during writing the case. Also, attaching the guidelines for the reports. Important: Report cannot be more than 4 pages. For calculations can use 1 more extra page which is known as appendix, mentioned everything in the guidelines section of the report. Please, No plagiarism at all. 1) Guidelines for reports: – Reports cannot be longer than four A4 pages (one-sided printing). The minimum font size is 10. There must be a 1cm margin on all sides of the pages. – You may include one extra Appendix page to illustrate any numerical calculations. These must be clearly explained. If you copy calculations from Excel, use text boxes and arrows to explain important parts of the table/calculations. 2) Reports should have the following sections: – Introduction: very briefly describe the company and its operating ?environment. Identify the theoretical and practical issues in the case, citing ?relevant theory. Do not repeat vast quantities of case information. – Analysis: carry out detailed analysis of the qualitative (narrative) and ?quantitative (numbers) data provided in the case. ? – Evaluation of options: e.g. using feasibility, acceptability and risk as possible ?headings to conduct the evaluation. ? – Recommendations & Conclusions: outline and justify the recommended ?course of action. Mention how this would be implemented. ? – References may be listed as footnotes. ? – Appendix: Show any detailed numerical analysis to support the main analysis ?section. ?

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