Landscapes in Culture

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It is Landscape Architecture class project.
1. Landscapes in Culture
The first possible option for the final project in Discovering Landscape is the generation of a report that situates the discipline of landscape architecture within the larger collection of culturally and socially relevant events of a particular time. Your assignment will be to choose one issue
of Landscape Architecture Magazine (available on the 3rd floor of the Health Science Library) from the years between 1970 and 1990 and then locate three additional periodicals focused primarily on cultural, social or scientific trends of that year to compare it to. People, Time, National Geographic, Vogue, Popular Mechanics would all be examples, but are by no means the extent of the possible list. Thus your references will consist of 4 periodicals from the same year (preferably the same time
of that year), one of which will be Landscape Architecture Magazine. These documents will be read in their entirety and then a report will be written describing the relationship between the discipline of landscape architecture (as described by LAM) and other popular media and events of the time. This report should consist of references to all of the chosen periodicals in addition to other sources necessary for making clear and compelling relationships. Each report should be between 1200 and 2000 words and include relevant scanned and referenced images to aid in making your case. For example, if you are making a case regarding something visual, you should scan (and cite) the images from the periodicals to help your point. You could also generate diagrams or other visuals to help clarify your position or ideas. Please note that your projects will be scanned for plagiarism, thus ensure that your citations are clear and your text, your own.


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