How social enterprise was established

Questions required only 4 and 5
The assignment (in Report format) should address the following, in the sequential order presented below.
1). Profile the social enterprise – country, size, when established, mission statement
2). Explain how the social enterprise was developed and for what market
3). Identify and analyse the market for a particular good or service offered by the social enterprise
4). Evaluate financial, social, political and other environmental factors which may impact on the social enterprise’s marketing
5). Identify relevant market trends and analyse the possible impact of these on the social enterprise
6). Research and discuss the social enterprise’s usage of each of the marketing mix elements
7). Evaluate the likely impact of the application of the marketing mix on consumer behaviour
8). Assess and evaluate the Marketing Plan, discussing the fit between each of the marketing mix elements
9). Provide recommendation for future marketing strategy beyond the social enterprise’s current Marketing Plan

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