Guns on Campus

Guns on Campus

Should guns be allowed on college campuses?

Guns should be allowed on college campuses in some cases I don’t believe everybody should be allowed to carry a gun around though, I find that those who have gone through the trouble to get a concealed carry license should be allowed to do so, I also believe that schools should have classes that go on a Pass, No Pass basis that judge whether or not this said person with a permit should be allowed to carry this gun on a college campus, another solution could be to hire some sort of security team to monitor the school but make sure they are armed as well just in case of any extreme situation that arises. Many people are scared after recent events in Oregon on how to handle guns on college campuses and also how to deal with the rising number of shootings occurring on campuses of all kinds around the country, and of course when such events unfold you will have two sides to the story one that believe that guns have no right being on a campus and the other that believes that guns should be on the campus.
The side against guns states that having guns on campus will distract the students from learning and it could lead to problems if a shooting does occur and they respond to the situation anybody seen with a gun might be considered the “gunman” and taken down due to the fact the police are on edge over the situation, another issue is that these people who want to have guns on campus don’t necessarily have the training that say a police officer has with a gun, concealed carry license holders generally don’t have to go through extensive training to get such a license in some states, while others require quite a bit of time and training put in to even be able to get a license.
The side for concealed carry wants to be able to bring guns in mainly so they can protect themselves and diffuse a situation if the need arises. Police will get called in when a shooting occurs on a college campus but the response time may not always be stellar, so having a conceal-carry citizen watching over the school can be helpful in some cases, and if this said person has gone through all the checks and hardships to get a license it shows that they can be a rather competent person.
Now man have brought up the issue of mental illness that comes along with the territory of guns because a lot of the time the people who commit murders or any sort of crime aren’t necessarily right in the head, and sometimes it’s out of what they believe to be a necessity, so if a said person has a concealed carry permit it shouldn’t be a permanent things every year they should have a psychiatric check-up and perhaps a test to confirm they are still capable and knowledge about gun safety and that they are still right minded.
One way to keep guns out of wrong hands is to institute mandatory checks of every student that comes onto campus if they do bring a gun without a conceal carry permit then they have to be directed off campus or perhaps detained though the main problem with this is that some might find it against their rights, which I somewhat agree myself but I’m just brainstorming

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