How to do business in Israel

How to do business in Israel

This is a term paper for an International Business class. It’s about how to do business in a specific country, that country being Israel. Footnotes/endnotes, table of contents, headers and conclusions, and the sources Hofstede and Transparency International are ALL REQUIRED.  . As long as the sources are within a year or two from now, that is fine. No wikipedia because it is not credible. Global Edge and Freedom house are some examples of good sources that you can use. Charts and graphs are encouraged. Anything that shows business related statistics can be incorporated. You also have to compare doing business in Israel to another country. Please cut and paste a comparison chart into the paper. One of the sources I gave you (global edge, freedom house, hofstede, and transparency international) should provide a comparison chart. If it’s easier, that country can be the United States. Below I have typed out an example of a table of contents for the country Austria. Hopefully this will give you an idea of what to write in the paper. You can base the paper off of the example but obviously relating it to Israel.

1. Executive Summary
2. Country Profile
-location and size
-topography and climate
-flora, fauna, and natural resources
-brief history of Austria
-population and ethnic composition
-language, religion, and education
-politcal and legal system
-foreign policy and membership in international organizations
3. The Role of the European Union Membership for Austria
4. Economy
-macroeconomics indicators
-foreign direct investment
-research and development (R&D)
-foreign trade and trade barriers
-financial institutions, currency, and stock exchange
-industries and logistics
-taxation in austria
5. Setting up a Company in Austria
6. Other factors to consider before setting up a company
-intellectual property rights (IPRs)
7. Business Etiquette and Culture
-greet hosted cultural dimensions
8. Austria Profile Data
9. Bibliography

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