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For the final project, you will create a case study based on a company of your choice. The case study should include at least 5 of the concepts that we have discussed in this course. The case study should be a minimum of 8 pages in length; not including the title page and reference page. The case study should also include at least 5 sources; these should be scholarly sources.

Submit an 8-page (minimum) case study, using the writing template, and a minimum of 5 references.

Your well-written and well-developed submission should meet the following requirements:

Include the CUC cover page, introduction, a conclusion, and a references page
Use a minimum of 5 credible sources that are cited within the essay
Be formatted according to the 6th edition APA form and style. If using the essay format, please use the provided writing template.

-My company of choice is Google.
-5 concepts learned in class are: consumer behavior, marginal cost curve, short-run production, fiscal and monetary policy, and how productivity is related to GDP
-must be 8 pages of writing!!
-must have 5 credible sources minimum!

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