Future of Robotics



It is a Reflection Entry Assessment for the topic The Past, Present, and Future of Robotics
Reflection entries should include the following 4 sections :

1- Interest:
What was most memorable or stands out in your mind about class this week?
What was the most surprising and/or unexpected idea expressed in this week’s discussion?
For you, what interesting questions remain unanswered about this week’s topic(s)?
2- Relevance:
In your opinion, what was the most useful idea discussed in class this week?
What example or illustration cited in this week’s class could you relate to the most?
3- Analysis:
What did you perceive to be the major purpose or objective of this week’s class?
What do you think was the most important point or central concept communicated during this week’s presentation?
4- Conceptual Connections:
What relationship did you see between this week’s topic and other topics previously covered in this lecture class?
What was discussed in class this week that seemed to connect with what you are learning or have learned in other course(s)?

– Note: please see the uploaded files:
1- the instructions file for the writer
2- the lectures’ slides presentation ( week9 ) that talk about the topic (please read it carefully ).
3- The weeks presentation to get the relationship between this week’s topic and other topics.

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