The Internet, Privacy and Social Media




1. Download the ‘Assessment 1.8 Research Topics Form for Submission’.
2. In order to familiarize yourself with the topics addressed in the form and the issues surrounding the internet, privacy and social media, investigate some of the web and youtube resources provided in the Assessment 1.8 folder.
3. Select at least three of the scholarly articles provided in the Assessment 1.8 folder to inform your answers.
4. Conduct your own research using the Griffith Library or Google Scholar to locate at least three more scholarly articles to inform your answers.
5. Provide answers to the four discussion topics on the ‘Assessment 1.8 Research Topics Form for Submission’ on the basis of your research. Depending on your interest or the articles you have sourced, you may select to answer some questions in more depth than others.

a) Use of research to inform responses
b) Demonstrated understanding of issues addressed
c) Evidence of critical thinking in relation to topics
d) Quality and quantity of sources used
e) Presentation: Clarity, spelling, grammar, language use and APA (6th ed.) style.

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