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1. Offer a solid definition of social contract and natural law. Then show from our readings and discuss how these theories inform the foundation of the government of the United States, and also undergird principles of the civil rights movement in the exemplar of Martin Luther King Jr. Cite specific philosophers and their principles in your answer. (p 37-39 in Supplement, 560-566, 572-575, 627-628. Social contract theorists Hobbes and Locke discussed in an attachment in D2L Annoucements)

2. Offering evidence from the text, presentations, and PPT, discuss in what ways Marx’s features of capitalism (lecture, and p 602) and his predictions (p 49 in Supplement) are relevant today. Explain and include his concept of alienated labor (p 47-48) in your answer.

3. Briefly define the welfare state and the minimal state, with the values each embrace, and what each would view as distributive injustice. Explain Rawls version of the social contract with its theme of justice as fairness. Also include how he avoids the extremes of collectivism and individualism while integrating what he thinks are the best features of each. This will require treatment of his two principles of justice—equality and inequality. (p 44-54 in Supplement, Nussbaum and Rawls in the attachment on Social Contract in Announcements, 581-586, bottom of 588-589)

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