Harlem Renaissance Assignment Help

Core Assessment Critical Research Essay

  1. Argue that a particular work best represents its time period
    or literary classification as organized in the text:

    • Harlem Renaissance 1919-1940

    Any evaluative essay (one that argues for the best, the worst,
    etc.) must provide the criteria for that judgment. You will find that
    criteria in your text introductions to the time period. For example,
    you might write:
    According to the editors of The Norton Anthology of AfricanAmerican Literature, works written during the Harlem
    Renaissance expressed “a sense of confidence and purpose” and
    represented “an affirmation” of African American “dignity and
    humanity” (953). One such work was “title of work” written
    by insert author’s name.
    Your essay should clearly provide evidence from the work of
    literature about which you write of the criteria for that type of
    literature, as provided by your text and in-class discussions.

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