Discourse Community – Destiny Forum

Discourse Community – Destiny Forum

This paper is about Discourse Community Profile – Destiny Forum

Audience: The readers of gaming magazine IGN

Purpose: To show how this discourse community is Elitist.

Thesis Statement: So many within the Density forum are elitist and un-willing to help others.

Supporting paragraphs:

#1 – (to show unrealistic experience expectations) my quotations to be included
“309 lights sign here, lets how all the scrubs who is good” (un-named)
“If you are under 300 light you are a disgrace and you should quit Destiny you garbage – blam-“!  (ShomLayyemdown)

#2 (to show weapon snobbery) Quotations to include
“Looking for a group must have ToM black spindle and all 3 exotic sorts” (un-names)
“Need help must have 5 ToM black spindle and solar sword” (MGMF_Pharao)

#3 (to show labels for when you started) Quotations to include
“Looking for people to join my clan must be day 1, beta or alpha player.  No Christmas noobs or taken Kingergarden” (MercenaryMaiden)
“If you are under 300 light and have not complete the Kings fall raid then you are the biggest scrubnoobsasual to live” (Flummibsitzr)

Other information Over 20 million on the Density Forum

Need beginning paragraph to show the Thesis statement and support it then 3 paragraphs see above to support the quotations and a strong conclusion.

Website that is my only source is: www.bungie.net/en/forum/topics/3/3/0/destiny

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