Defend any one point made by Descartes

Topic: Defend any one point made by Descartes
Details: First, choose a statement made in the texts which is supported by an argument, and with which you agree.

Then write a paper with this structure:
1st paragraph – State and clarify your thesis (that the idea from the text is true)
2nd paragraph – Explain one reason given in the text to support your thesis.
(You must include at least one helpful quote from the text.)
3rd paragraph – Explain one reason someone might disagree with your thesis.
4th paragraph – Explain why the argument in paragraph 3 doesn’t work.
5th paragraph – Explain the one best argument in favor of your thesis.
(You must create your own argument, not borrow one from the text.)
6th paragraph – Restate your thesis and summarize your paper.


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