Critical reflection

please link the personal reflection on ageing Task 1_Part A intro and reflection on- to a critical reflection on what you think the impact this Unit will have on your future clinical-practice. Your critical reflection must link your personal experience with scholarly literature, to support your understanding of what ‘impact’ means to you as a future clin In you Task 1_
Part B_Critical reflection you will: 1. Link the personal reflection on ageing you made fom Task 1_Part A, to this critical reflection. . 2. Identify three aspects of the Unit that had the greatest impact for you. You will chose one aspect from each of the following areas (1) the content of the Unit; (2) your assessment tasks; and (3) the group case discussions (Weeks 6-11). 3. Link your personal experience with references to scholarly literature, to support your understanding of what ‘impact’ means to you as a future clinician caring for older people.ician caring for older people.
For this assessment, you are going to reflect on the change in yourself from the beginning of the semester to this end-point. What did you learn/read/watch (from the three defined ‘aspects’) that impacted, or influenced, you the most? What changed or confirmed your initial perspectives of ageing? Then consider how this will impact, or influence, your future clinical practice. What were your ‘ah ha!’ moments in this unit? While the clinical reasoning cycle is framed in the clinical practice context, what you are learning in the ‘classroom’ directly impacts your ‘hands on’ work. For example, if you said you thought older people lived quietly at home in your AT1(Part A) then in your interview you realised that older people may be more active than people working full-time, how would this change your future practice? Instead of thinking ‘it doesn’t matter if older people are in hospital because they have no responsibilities at home’ you now think (because of the interview assessment) ‘older people need to get effective care to go home as quickly as possible for the same reasons as a younger person’. To link this impact to the ‘scholarly literature’ think about what you have learnt in this Unit. Discharge … hmmmm ……. assessment? Person-centred care? Communication with multi-disciplinary team? Health science students, you can choose to think in terms of clinical practice, or perhaps your future dream job – health promotion for older people for example.
Can you include this ideas in the critical refletion.
1. Ageing is an irreversible process.
2. with ageing comes experience.
3. “Ageing is growing, learning and becoming something you strive to be; marrying the person you love, travelling, and seeing your children grow to become adults themselves.”
4. “Ageing does not necessarily have to be associated with death, illness and an overall decline in health; it can be celebrated and enjoyed.”
5. Growing old in inevitable.
6. On being older: “It can also be rewarding, with comfort in knowing who one is and where they fit in life, less worried about what others think, and opportunities to mentor the young.”
7. “We will all face a gradual decline in our body’s capabilities over time, which can be frustrating and frightening.”
this is continuing to the assessment i done here before the interview with old person and online discussion
the subject study its about ageing and gerontology , issues in service provision ageing and dementia
please i need to be done very well thanks if you need more info, THE ESSAY IS PARTB AND REFLECT ON PART A THE ONE I PUT FIRSTAND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTION THANKS
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