Clarity treatments in gemstone quality diamonds and why they should be avoided when purchasing a diamond

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


Your third essay for this class is a research paper with a EIGHT to TEN page minimum (this minimum does not include the mandatory Works Cited page). This paper will use at least SIX different sources. Your assignment is to take a stance on the benefits and consequences of an up and coming technology, and attempt to persuade your audience to agree with your opinion. This paper MUST BE argumentative, and will present your audience with enough background information to educate them on the topic, and then introduce an argument that is well thought out and well-supported by your evidence.


In researching for your essay, you must include at least one BOOK and two SCHOLARLY ARTICLE. Other sources may include, but are not limited to: interviews (from TV/radio, or done on your own), surveys, newspapers, journals, documentaries, and NO MORE THAN ONE electronic source, no more than two if you have more than four sources. All citations must be in proper MLA format. When choosing electronic sources, be sure to question the credibility of the source. Wikipedia is not a reputable source and should not be used.


1-2 pages of this paper must be devoted to exploring the counter-argument to this issue. You should include source material that opposes your argument, and treat your opposition objectively.



At least EIGHT typed pages in addition to a properly formatted works cited page.

Typed, double-spaced size 12 Times New Roman font, with one-inch margins

Your name, date of the assignment, course number, instructor name, and the title of the assignment should be in the upper left hand corner of the first page

Your last name and the page number should be in the top right hand corner of each page


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