Testing and evaluating handover procedures in 3G and 4G networks


create LTE and UMTS handovers in Qualnet 7 for  : “Testing and evaluating handover procedures in 3G and 4G networks” Project Description: Handover is a very important process in mobile cellular networks. Handover enables call/session transfer from one cell to another. When a mobile equipment is in a call/session, the NB/eNB collects signal level and bit error rate and decides if a handover is required based on a threshold (handover margin). This project aims at analysing comparing handover procedure employed in 3G and 4G networks by simulating and evaluating varied mobile network scenarios. Skills and knowledge: knowledge of UMTS/LTE technologies and architectures and simulation environments such as Qualnet. However need to full dissertation with full background start from ABSTRACT, Introduction,Cellular Technologies Evolution from 2g to 4g and the main topic of the Document is Handover so start talking about it from UMTS Handovers to LTE as my topic title shows. if you can implement it by using Qualnet simulation it will be fantastic

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