characteristics of an entrepreneur


The paper must be a minimum of 3 pages double spaced excluding the title and reference page. Don’t forget to include the source within the paper and on the reference page.

Chapter five details entrepreneurship. This homework assignment has two parts – the first is to take the assessment found at the end of the chapter on page 168. After you score your answers  explain what you think about the outcome? In other words – do you agree with the results? What, if anything, would you want to change. This can be done in a short paragraph of 3-4 sentences.

The 2nd part of the assignment will be the last two pages of the homework – and deals with entrepreneurs. Who do you think represents the characteristics of an entrepreneur? What characteristics do they posses? Provide a brief bio on this person and explain why you think they fit the role of entrepreneur.
You must upload at least 1 file

Here is the title of the book Book is BUSINESS A CHANGING WORLD ISBN# 978-1-259-17930-6

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