Crisis communication campaign

Crisis communication campaign

Find a crisis communication campaign occurring no more than 20 years ago. Students must complete a case study presentation that is 7-10 minutes long.
Each presenter must create a one page handout explaining
1- Their analysis of the situation,
2- Their strategies,
3- Their tactics of the crisis campaign.
What mentioned above is what I am required to do. As a result, I need you to talk about a crisis communication campaign through three points:
1- talk about the crisis when it started and ended.
2- analyze the crisis.
3- the strategies and tactics used to resolve the crisis.
4- what to learn from the crisis and from the way it was used to resolve it. And what would be your own suggestion to resolve such a crisis.
You can use a political crisis, economic crisis, or any crisis you believe that you can cover these four points, above, when talking about. I want it in two pages, every two points in one page.

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