Communication Strategy.

Do-Good Funders, is a highly ethical fundraising company and charges non-profits only the actual cost for developing and implementing fund-raising campaigns. You are the director of communications at Do-Good.

• Your general goal is to develop a campaign to attract non-profit organization as clients. State your strategic goal in the first sentence of the response.

• Develop a key message and identify two communication channels you would use as part of your delivery strategy to communicate your message to the target audience.

• Select a Strategy Brief from Appendix B in Strategic Communications to guide your strategic process, based on your delivery strategy and the format you plan to use to convey your message through the channels you select. Explain the delivery strategy you are using, as well as your content strategy, summarizing any relevant components from the brief in your initial reply.

• Provide evidence for your strategic recommendations, including a rationale for why the channels you selected are likely to be effective for this target audience and your strategic goal.

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