Recent lethal injections that have gone wrong are in violation of the Eighth Amendment’s prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment.

Sixth writing assignment due Friday, March 18th by 5 PM 

The purpose of this assignment is to develop and sharpen your critical thinking and writing skills.  A major objective for writing a reaction paperis to teach students how to clearly express and support personal opinions—an activity essential to all social sciences.
Your assignment is to react to this […]

Business Management

Review this video by Microsoft’s CEO of Global Strategy:  Note the comments about the troubles Microsoft has had with emerging markets.  What recommendations do you have for Microsoft?  Use materials from the text define and discuss the level of one of the decisions that was discussed in the video.  (Functional/Business/Corporate). Why do you believe this […]

Poultry farming

Question Which of these are necessary capital investments for starting a free-range poultry farm? A) Bedding, five acres of land, ability to secure permits B) Chicks, chicken feed, roosting perches C) Shovels, farmhand, delivery trucks D) Water-delivery system, nesting boxes, barn Answer fig 1: Free range chicken Poultry farming is the keeping of domesticated birds […]

Diageo Alcoholic Beverage Company

For the Diageo alcoholic beverage company Identify one major challenge according to the business context , explain why the problem is strategically significant for the company and address it, and come up recommendations to come with the problem: Essay question as it is in the course outline : For The Diageo company, choose one of […]

City Hotel Case Study.

Report Requirement 1. Prepare a report for the directors of City Hotel summarising and providing a critical analysis of the results of your evaluation and making recommendations. 2. Making-Distinction-70%+ Provides a concise summary and critical analysis of the results of the project evaluation All Key issues identified with relevant conclusion and recommendations. 3. Making Criteria-Basic […]

Exam Question

Question 1 You are on the planning staff of a major tourist attraction city. Your city is a tourist destination and draws thousands of summer and winter visitors to a variety of privately-owned amusement parks in the immediate area. The mayor and city council of your local community have asked you to draft a memo […]

Knowledge Management Walmart

Present a case study of Walmart’s Knowledge Managment program. The assignment should not exceed three (3) pages of double-spaced type, exclusive of the title and reference page. It is to be written in APA style, including title page, body of report, and all sources properly cited. You are to summarize the case study as presented […]

Browns Sports Footwear Case

Browns Sports Footwear Case Read the following case study and do the assignment. Browns Sports Footwear Case*[1] Once the top British name in rubber sole sport shoes, sneakers and trainers, today this 95-year-old family owned company is just one of many in a growing pool of competing brands. In UK market share, Browns trails behind […]

International Banking

Using a risk-return framework, outline the expected benefits of geographical diversification for an international bank. Citing relevant empirical evidence, do cross-border mergers and acquisitions create value for bank shareholders?

 Simulation: Simul8

Simulation A brief non-technical report in plain English containing your recommendations. This should be written for the Library manager, who you can assume has no background in maths or statistics. The total word count of this section (excluding the covering letter) should not exceed 500 words. A technical appendix (for me) containing a description of […]

Business Intelligence (open talend studio miner)

Analysis Paper 1. Select a dataset of your choice and do the following: a. Use Talend Open Studio for Data Quality and profile the data b. Use Talend Open Studio for Data Integration and apply some ETL techniques to the dataset c. Use RapidAnalytics as well as RapidMiner to demonstrate how these tools can be […]

Methods of social Research

1st page: You should submit ONE document which consists of crosstabs with percentages, Chi/Phi/Cramer’s V, and a One page write up of your findings and the relationships you found. This should include details of the procedures you run. 2nd page: This one is not limited to the specific procedures as specified for Part 1, but […]

Research Proposal for MBA

You are required to submit a research proposal. The content of the document produced by each student is required to cover specific areas and to be within specific maximum word lengths (marks allocation and lengths in brackets) as follows:- Title and Introduction: form a clear title for the proposed research. Outline the background to the […]

Project Report

This assignment, submitted in three parts, requires you to develop a full project plan. The submitted plan would allow the project to be implemented at some future point. The project topic may be any idea that you considered suited for project management. The project reports are expected to be completed in a professional and business-like […]

Describe the core marketing functions within an organization.

Describe the core marketing functions within an organization. Question Be sure to save an electronic copy of your answer before submitting it for grading. Unless otherwise stated, answer in complete sentences, and be sure to use correct English, spelling, and grammar. Sources must be cited in APA format. Your response should be four (4) double?spaced […]

200083 Marketing Principles, Spring 2015 Final Exam

Part B (10 marks per question): Short essay questions( every answer must be 250-300 words only Not more than 300) Part B contains a question pool of twenty short essay questions of which six will be randomly pickedfor the final exam. Answer only TWOout of the six questions in this part. If you attempted more […]

Sensorimotor integration

Sensorimotor integration is fundamental to school success and learning. Think about the importance of sensorimotor integration to teaching, learning, and memory. Using the course materials, justify why you believe sensory stimulation is so important to include in lesson design and planning. Provide an example of a stimulus or specific strategy you would implement within your […]

Floppy Company’s December 31, 2015 trial balance is as follows:

Floppy Corporation Trial Balance December 31, 2014 Account Debit Credit Cash $43,500 Accounts Receivable 53,500 Allowance for Doubtful Accounts 1,500 Notes Receivable 30,000 Merchandise Inventory 55,000 Land 20,000 Building 150,000 Accumulated Depreciation, Building $15,000 Equipment 50,000 Accumulated Depreciation, Equipment 21,000 Goodwill 26,000 Accounts Payable 25,000 Long Term Notes Payable 75,000 Common Stock, $10 par, 2,000 […]

From California to New York, legislative bodies across the United States are considering eliminating or reducing the surcharges that banks impose on noncustomers, who make $12 million in withdrawals from other banks’ ATM machines.

From California to New York, legislative bodies across the United States are considering eliminating or reducing the surcharges that banks impose on noncustomers, who make $12 million in withdrawals from other banks’ ATM machines. On average, noncustomers earn a wage of $26 per hour and pay ATM fees of $3.25 per transaction. It is estimated […]

CASE 3 Building a Coalition

Learning Goals Many of the most important organizational behavior challenges require coordinating plans and goals among groups. This case describes a multiorganizational effort, but the same principles of accommodation and compromise also apply when trying to work with multiple divisions within a single organization. You’ll create a blueprint for managing a complex development team’s progress, […]

Operations and Project Management

Assessment Produce a project plan for a suitable project from your work place. The Project Plan will include the use of Project Management tools and techniques Highlights of Assignment It is a work-based project plan.  You need to create a project plan with maximum 1000 words.   Assignment -2 –Work-based Project Plan – Project Management […]

Project Scope Proposal

Project Scope Proposal. You are required to create and plan a suitable project for potential implementation (e.g., following the completion of this unit/course). The project may be connected to your workplace, leisure activities, community interests and so on. Where possible, the project should focus on a real world problem that you wish to address. The […]

Questions to Address in the Dimensional Fund Advisors Case

1.     Why does DFA have so many products focused on small stocks and on value stocks? Watch the interview below with Gene Fama to help inform your answer. While small stocks are intuitively perceived to be risky because they are less capitalized and more vulnerable to financial shocks, there is a popular misconception that value […]


1        Executive Summary. 2        Company Background Marks and Spencer plc is a major British multinational retailer that specialises in selling of clothing, home products and luxury food products. The company was established in 1884 by Michael Marks and Thomas Spencer in Leeds and is currently headquartered in Westminster, London. It is listed on the London […]

Nonprofit Analysis Project

Nonprofit Analysis Project. This assignment must be completed in strict, current APA format and include a cover page, reference page, and be double-spaced throughout. Part 1 Short Essay – The first step to gathering information for this project is to review the information found on Christian Worldview, a Focus on the Family website. Take some […]

Portfolio Project

The purpose of this paper is for you to assess your learning as you prepare a major portfolio project. In this project, you will create an international small business unit (SBU) intranet­based employee manual. Spain is the country in which your company plans to enter and begin staffing. Imagine that you are the international human […]


According to Friedman (2000 in Blythe & Zimmerman, 2005), globalization is the “inexorable integration of markets, nation-states and technologies to a degree never witnessed before-in a way that is enabling individuals, corporations and nation states to reach around the world farther, faster, deeper and cheaper than ever before, and in a way that is enabling […]

Creating a Successful Business

Introduction             The first step to creating a successful business is having a clear business goal and purpose, one must be focused and have a well defined mission and vision which constitute the road map to business success. The entrepreneur should also come up with a business strategy which includes action plans aimed at achieving […]

Business process management and strategy

Advise Jack why a BPM approach should now become part of the way ‘Cullen Creative Cooking’ does business. A BPM approach should be incorporated into Cullen Creative Cooking Pty’s business model because the company has grown considerably since its inception and has since become departmentalized which implies that various tasks within the organization are accomplished […]