Project Proposal

You are required to create and plan a suitable project for potential implementation (e.g., following the completion of this unit/course). The project may be connected to your workplace, leisure activities, community interests and so on. Where possible, the project should focus on a real world problem that you wish to address. The project scope must be large enough to require a project team of at least one full-time person for a minimum of three months (or equivalent part-time). The budget for the project should exceed $3000. Note that the project presented must not be one that is already in existence or that has been planned fully – the assignment requires you to devise, plan and assess a potential project, rather than report a project already planned, assessed, approved and perhaps even implemented.

You may use any project management methods that you consider suitable (within the plan). At the minimum, the interim should include the following elements:

  1. A project title and brief description and rationale for the project, in plain English;
  2. Application of a project selection model (updated from the proposal) justifying the project’s implementation (i.e., preliminary feasibility study);
  3. Preliminary risk assessment;
  4. The project scope including project objectives and detailed work breakdown structure;
  5. Costs estimates for project resources. These estimates should be used to present a project budget;
  6. A time schedule for project activities within a network. This should include all major activities and identify the critical path and any slack. Project resources may be allocated within this schedule. Note that you may wish to use a Project Management Information System (PMIS) system to assist here;

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