Answer questions
(150 words) This week we started learning about evolution, so the two articles you will be comparing in this conference deal with the evolution of the Peppered Moth during the Industrial Revolution in England.
Read the following articles and address the questions listed below.
1. Which article in your opinion was of more scientific merit? Why? Be sure to use concrete examples from the articles to support your claims.
2. Which article did you find more compelling? Why? Again, be sure to use concrete examples from the articles to support your claims.
3. Both articles cite other sources, how does this impact your opinion of the merit/credibility of the articles? How does the source of the article impact your perception of its merit?
4. A compelling argument can sometimes lack scientific merit, what are some strategies you can employ to avoid being “taken in” by a compelling, but not accurate argument? Consider here other arguments you come across in your daily life – commercials for products, advertisements for diet pills, etc.
Article 1: The Peppered Moth – An Update by Kenneth Miller –

Article 2: The Peppered Moth as found on Truth in Science

(125 words) Like other living organisms, humans are part of ecosystem and have impacts that go far beyond those of animal species on the ecosystem.
Pick an environmental problem you found in the book, say chlorofluorocarbon damage to the ozone, describe the problem, then describe how we can be part of the solution. What can we do to save our planet and protect our fragile biosphere?

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