We can work on Using the Blazer Corporation information and financial statements

U​‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‍‌‌‍‍‍‌‍‌‌‌‍​sing the Blazer Corporation information and financial statements created in Unit 2, create a statement of Cash Flows for 2018. Then answer the following questions about the statements and the corporation. 1. What items provided used the most cash during 2018? 2. What decisions by management possibly led to the change in cash position during […]

We can work on situational factors

situational factors Posted on May 16, 2021 Instructions For this essay, you will be addressing how leaders in your current or past organization handle motivation and empowerment. If you do not have a workplace example, you can use a civic, volunteer, or school experience as the basis for your essay. Include background information on the […]

We can work on Ethics And Compliance Programs

Write a 4 page paper in which you: Determine the fundamental ways in which the NCAA’s ethics program failed to prevent the scandals at Penn State, Ohio State, and the University of Alaska. Support your response with one example from each of these schools’ scandals.Examine the principal ways in which the leadership of the NCAA contributed […]

We can work on History Paper

History Paper Posted on May 16, 2021 InstructionsWatch the entire video on Benito Mussolini (noted in the Required Resources). Identify and describe 3 aspects of the video you found most interesting that align with each of the following: Foreign policy.Violent and/or non-violent movements for social, economic, and political changeGovernmental authority/loss of personal liberties Conduct additional […]

We can work on Week4 Discussion Criminal Courts

Week 4 Discussion The discussion assignment provides a forum for discussing relevant topics for this week based on the course competencies covered. For this assignment, make sure you post your initial response to the Discussion Area by the due date assigned. Provide a detailed response to the topic questions in the Discussion Area. For this assignment, post your responses […]

We can work on Scandal

A scandal is uncovered in your ministry. A high-profile leader has been embezzling money from the ministry and using it for sinful and criminal purposes. He initially denied any wrongdoing, however, when faced with the evidence he admitted his guilt. Because you are the ministry’s key leader, your phone won’t stop ringing and your inbox […]

We can work on Expert In The Field: Addressing Gaps In Practice

Expert In The Field: Addressing Gaps In Practice Posted on May 16, 2021 For this Assignment, you will select a gap identified in Module 2 with RtI, PBIS, or MTSS. Referencing the Learning Resources and research conducted on each state, support your rationale as to why addressing this gap will improve services for diverse learners and […]

We can work on Week4 Project Criminal Courts

A Judge’s Authority to Carry a Gun in Open Court In this assignment, you will research and study the judicial authority and role of a judge to carry a gun in the courtroom. You will determine whether it is appropriate for a sitting judge, who is tasked to keep order, to have a gun in […]

We can work on MKT680 Responses

MKT680 Responses Posted on May 16, 2021 K Rucker Reviewing the course objectives, all course objectives are required to become successful in management. Being able to handle situations that can cause a potential legal and/or ethical problem is a huge deal. Not being able to have the skill set to handle this situation can blow […]

We can work on DPI Project – Proposal Defense PowerPoint And Call Presentation

In this topic, you will participate with your full DPI committee in the DPI Project Proposal Defense call. This meeting requires that you present your revised DPI Project Proposal live in PowerPoint form as it stands at this time. General Requirements: Use the following information to ensure successful completion of the assignment: · Locate the […]

We can work on Kotter’s 8-Step Change Model Chart

Using the Organizational Change Chart, outline information about the experience and organization following Kotter’s 8-Step to Change Model as a guiding line. Kotter’s 8-Step Change Model• Step One: Create Urgency.• Step Two: Form a Powerful Coalition.• Step Three: Create a Vision for Change.• Step Four: Communicate the Vision.• Step Five: Remove Obstacles.• Step Six: Create […]

We can work on POSC (Political Science) 123-Conflict Resolution

POSC (Political Science) 123-Conflict Resolution Posted on May 16, 2021 Research to examine the issue of gun control in the U.S The research paper assignment for this course (see the syllabus, p. 5) requires a scholarly approach to examining an issue of your choice.  I have chosen to complete research on the topic of Gun Control […]

We can work on Implementation and Measurement of Outcomes With Beefsteak Case Study

  Prior to beginning work on this assignment, Read Chapter 16 in Applied Psychology in Talent Management. This week’s topic has been the considerations and design of training and development programs. Draw upon your reflections of the readings and discussion this week as you apply the Beefsteak Case Study  (attached below) to this assignment. For this assignment, you […]

We can work on Discussion Post Reply

Discussion Post Reply Posted on May 16, 2021 Reply to classmate should be a critique of the structure of the PICOT question. Is it in the correct PICOT format? Is the question specific enough? Is the patient population specific? Is the intervention a nursing intervention? Are there too many outcomes? Does the question make sense? […]

We can work on Informative Report

Informative Report: Draft Overview Choose a familiar household appliance (such as a vacuum cleaner, toaster, or hair dryer).Write a 1–2 page mechanism description (written in your own words) telling an audience of fifth graders in a science class on how the appliance works. Instructions The document must include: Headings.At least one graphic.A logical spatial order.Citations […]

We can work on Strategy case study – By using Fishbone analysis

Question 1 Critically evaluate how the Autonomous Systems can help in Agriculture. Question 2 Critically evaluate how the Autonomous Systems will add a global value by 2027. Question 3 Critically evaluate how the Autonomous Systems will relieve pressure on traditional farming as the amount of available agricultural land goes down. Question 4 Critically evaluate how […]

We can work on Dashboard Analysis And Nursing Plan

Dashboard Analysis And Nursing Plan Posted on May 16, 2021 As Dr. Rempher and Ms. Manna discussed this week, data from the NDNQI is used to improve nursing practices and support the strategic outcomes of an organization. This data is also used to create the Dashboard. The Dashboard, then, is used to create an action plan. […]

We can work on Project Research Continued Assignment Description

TOPIC: Diversity in a Globalized Economy   I have uploaded a guide to help with finding more different research and information. Again, It’s only a guide to help, that paper has been submitted already.  Submit an update to the capstone project identifying: a) areas that required additional research, and b) continue developing the report to reflect […]

We can work on SIR Model Public Health

Using the SIR model in the Excel spreadsheet attached here to answer questions in the other documentsquestions. All questions even the extra credit.The City Department of Health has found out that a very infectious strain of influenza (transmission probability0.3) is likely to hit soon for which the current vaccine is not effective. So far the […]

We can work on Law and legal institutions worldwide

In what ways does the facilitation of lawyer’s legal profession continue to impact law and legal institutions worldwide?Pick 5 articles from the sources list to create an annotated bibliography to examine the first course learningobjective: identifying connections between individuals, groups, institutions, and social structures in the field oflaw, describe how these relationships change across time […]

We can work on Patient Centered Care Systems and Consumer Health Informatics

Access the National Academies website. Find the “Health Literacy: Past, Present, and Future: WorkshopSummary (2015)” report. It is available to read free online. Provide a one-paragraph summary of the key takeaways from the “Health Literacy: Past, Present, andFuture: Workshop Summary (2015)” report. (20 points) “A health disparity/inequality is a particular type of difference in health […]

We can work on Internet Application Development

Survey an HTML5 website which uses the features covered in the PDF I provided. Post a short description ofhow the features were used.Canvas and SVG for drawingAudio and Video elementsNative Drag and Drop functionalityGeolocation API for location-aware applications Web Workers for multi-threaded applications Web Storage forstoring data on the client side Sample Solution The Passionate […]

We can work on What is romance?

Formulate a thesis statement 1st paragraph that answers WHAT IS ROMANCE. According to the romantictradition in the poems by Edgar Allan Poe the, Romance and the Sonnet to Science and the article PoeQuintessential Romantic. Then use the poems and the article to prove your thesis. Must have 4 paragraphsentence. 1. Romantics value creativity and you […]

We can work on SET Training Needs

Write a short synopsis (500 words min) on what you found in your research and how you could apply it in dayto day classes.Visit http://www.hr-survey.com/TrainingNeeds.htm and read about developing a needs assessment throughsurveys.Visit the web pages…http://humanresources.about.com/od/trainingneedsassessment/ht/training_needs.htmhttp://humanresources.about.com/od/educationgeneral/a/training_invest.htmhttp://humanresources.about.com/od/educationgeneral/g/on-the-job-training.htmhttp://humanresources.about.com/od/organizationalculture/a/culture.htmRead through the sites and follow some of the hyperlinks to understand the need process bette Sample Solution The Passionate […]

We can work on Exploration of Research Problem

Earlier in this course, you prepared an Annotated Bibliography. Hopefully, the annotated bibliography processintroduced you to the rich conversation surrounding your area of research interest. Then you shared apreliminary research topic statement and questions with the Community. This assignment asks you to take thefirst steps in joining the research conversation bydescribing convincingly a specific concern […]

We can work on PSYCH 105 CSUN Developed vs Developing Countries & Psychosexual Theory Discussion – Assignment Help

I’m working on a psychology writing question and need a sample draft to help me study. ANSWER QUESTIONS 1-13 IN COMPLETE SENTENCES Compare and contrast developed versus developing countries in terms of wealth, SES, current and future population trends, and value systems. Describe the basic principles of Freud’s Psychosexual Theory of Development in your own […]