We can work on Summary of video clips

Do-Gooders Audio Program ESSAY: In terms of the type of social change strategies included in the JacobyBrown textbook, how would you characterize the approach of the two “do-gooders” in the audio program aboutCanalou, Missouri? Explain. How would a community organizing approach be different?Holding Ground Video ESSAY:Provide short descriptions of the following types of social strategies […]

We can work on Websites

The structure of your 1-2-page summary essay must include the following three components:1.) Introduce the issue being discussed and which two opposing websites will be evaluated. Introduce whichtwo websites (covering the same topic) will be compared in the introduction.2.) Evaluate each web/internet article using the checklist provided in the textbook (be clear as to whichwebsites […]

We can work on Comparison of two hospitals

Review each of the websites below:https://www.medicare.gov/hospitalcompare/search.htmlhttp://www.leapfroggroup.org/http://www.qualitycheck.org/consumer/searchQCR.aspxhttp://www.healthgrades.com/ After reviewing each website, select two of the hospitals of your choice to compare. In your comparison, besure to include the following:How is each hospital’s quality data rated?How do they compare in metrics such as mortality or complications?How do they compare for process measures?How do they compare for patient […]

We can work on Logical fallacy.

After reviewing the materials in English 101:Fallacies ExplainedTop 10 Logical FallaciesThe Bedford Guide for College Writers pages 171-172After reviewing the materials in English 101sIntroduction: Fallacies Explained with ExamplesComplete the practice quiz on Logical Fallacies. You can take it as many times as you like–it’s is just practice.Multiple Choice Fallacy Practice (Links to an external site.)Then, […]

We can work on Porter’s Five Forces on McDonald’s industry

Start off the case analysis with an intro. In the intro describe the what is going on in the case, give an overview. Then answer the following questions. Use each question as a heading in the analysis. Thoroughly answer each question in 1-2 paragraphs. What is the strategic issue(s) that McDonald’s needs to address What […]

We can work on Facebook – Company and CEO Controversy

Research on another controversy Company and CEO – Face Book (FB). “The securities class action against Facebook alleges violations of Sections 10(b) and 20(a) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as well as Rule 10b-5 promulgated thereunder. Specifically, the action alleges that Facebook and certain of its senior executives misled investors regarding the effect […]

We can work on Inservice Training for nurses

Present an educational in-service/ training to nurses pertaining to improve/prevent medication errors in hospitals. o Explain to your audience what they are going to learn or do, and what they are expected to take away.• Part 2: Safety Improvement Plan.o Give an overview of the current problem focusing on medication administration, the proposed plan, and […]

We can work on Example of classical conditioning from your own life

Question 6DQ1 Identify and describe an example of classical conditioning from your own life. Be sure to use the classical conditioning terminology to explain the example.DQ 2: Why do psychologists prefer negative reinforcement to punishment as a way to shape behavior? Question 12 DQ1 Why is it difficult for an individual with a psychological disorder […]

We can work on Routine activities theory.

Outline the routine activities theory. What is needed for crime to occur? What types of guardians are needed to prevent crime? What activities do you do on a regular basis that may leave you vulnerable to crime? Sample Solution In terms of Burberry and their way of portraying body image, they use celebrities indirectly to […]


Axle Corporation was formed in 2010. It is based in Iowa and operates throughout the US Midwest.Axle is owned by the Miller family, one‐third each by sister Midge (age 38), sister Trudy (age 51), andbrother Jack (age 45). The company controls about $250 million in productive and investment assets,most of which are located in Iowa.Axle […]

We can work on Stabilizing selection.

Pine trees that are too tall or too short do not do as well as pine trees that are average in height. The short trees do not get as much light as tall or average trees. The tall trees are more likely to break off in storms. Tell how this is an example of stabilizing […]

We can work on Biblically supported Personal Statement of Ethics

Consider all previously assigned readings, the four functions of management and the ten (10) to twelve (12) personal management principles that you previously developed based on those functions of management when composing the final paper. The final paper should be completed in two major sections:Section One – In detail, explain how you will personally apply […]

We can work on The Role of Moral Injury in PTSD among Law Enforcement Officers

1) first paragraph: general background—What do we know about the topic? What does this study add to what we know (what’s new here)? What is the hypothesis or research question? 2) second paragraph: describe their methodology—who are the participants and what did they do in the study? NOTE: if the article you selected does not […]

We can work on THE CASE: Adelaide Manufacturing (AM)

THE CASE: Adelaide Manufacturing (AM) is a suburban metal manufacturer that is operated by the Carter family and is constituted as a small proprietary limited company. Helen Grant is the firm’s senior accountant. AM is currently negotiating with seven other small metal manufacturing firms to combine as a new entity that will undertake advanced manufacturing […]

We can work on The origins of the public Museum

What do you think is the difference of the public museums before compare to the ones we have today? Sample Solution (Amadeo). Canada established a Patented Medicine Prices Review Board that encourages pharmaceutical companies to suggest a price proposal for their manufactured drugs. This review board then compares the suggested price to various other countries […]

We can work on Global Entry and Competition Strategy.

Research paper based on my current course at Rochester Institute of Technology which is Global Entry and Competition Strategy. Please create me a research paper based on this course feel free to choose any topic and elaborate on the entire. Please choose a topic that is strong and widely available. Examine an issue of contemporary […]

We can work on Film review America’s War on Drug

You can use the word “I” for this paper since it is your reflection. Be sure to use proper grammar and doublespace throughout your paper.Discuss the documentary and what it illustratedSocietal impactsIndividual impactspossible solutions to our drug problemsthoughts on the War on DrugsThoughts on Documentary as a whole Sample Solution The Four Kinds of Attachments […]

We can work on Human Services Reflection

The two-paragraph reflective essay is on confidentiality and privacy. One paragraph is based on yourunderstanding of confidentiality and the other is based on privacy. Use the readings to support your twoparagraphs.Why is it important and how? Sample Solution Another Kind of Prejudice Another bias in secondary school instruction isn’t just the procurement of three Rs […]

We can work on Mathematics question

Assume that the data has a normal distribution and the number of observations is greater than fifty. Find the critical z value used to test a null hypothesis. α = 0.05 for a two-tailed test. Assume that the data has a normal distribution and the number of observations is greater than fifty. Find the critical […]

We can work on Do the Right Thing Reflection Essay

After viewing the film, write a brief essay (300-500 words) that responds to the writing prompt given below. Make sure your response properly incorporates direct quotes and/or paraphrases from the assigned chapter for this week into your writing to help support your answer to the writing prompt. Specific, but brief, detailed scene references from the […]

We can work on Literary Nationalism

Define for me literary nationalism and how it worked in America during the early 19th century. Pleasefeel free to search for this term on the Internet. Once you have defined literary nationalism, please explain forme how that works or doesn’t work in either of the Washington Irving stories we read Week 4: “Rip Van Winkle”or […]

We can work on Database marketing

Why is it important to examine the marketing environment and organizational resources before proceeding to develop a marketing database? What are some of the examples of organizational resources available as mentioned in the CRISP DM methodology? Please use your own words. Do not simply define the stages. Difference between PK and FK Design a database […]

We can work on Probability Sampling Methodologies

List and provide a brief description of three types of probability and non-probability sampling methodologies (25 to 50 words each). (1) Probability Sampling Methodologies 1. 2. 3.(2) Non-probability Sampling Methodologies 1. 2. 3. Research the sampling methodologies used in health care research covered in Understanding and Conducting Research in the Health Sciences this week, other […]

We can work on PLC Design in UNITY PRO

• characterize a level process; • use the PLC to implement a batch process; • use the PLC to implement closed-loop control of a level process; First you need to design a control system for a batch process in which a liquid at room temperature (20o C) is pumped into a tank until a given […]

We can work on ASSIGNMENT TOPIC The focus of this Assignment is the business activities of Luxwood Pty Ltd, you are required to analyse facts, research and apply relevant law and provide considered advice to the company. Luxwood is a resident private

Semester 2 2020Written AssignmentTotal maximum marks: 100, weighted to 30% of the final mark for the courseDue Date: Friday of Week 9, 11.55 pm (through Moodle)Length: While it is difficult to set a required word count, it is anticipated your assignment will need to be between 2000 and 2500 words to adequately respond to all […]

We can work on International dimensions of the African American struggle for freedom

In 700-1000 words, discuss international dimensions of the African American struggle for freedom and equality as reflected in the movements we have studied so far: (1) abolitionist movement, (2) Back-to-Africa movement, (3) civil rights movement, and (4) Black Power movement. In what way were the movements global? Who were the principle individuals involved in the […]