We can work on Story analysis

Please read the story and answer the question in 500 words. “A boy calls out to several children asking them ifthey would like a grasshopper. After a few moments, a girl says she wants it and upon receiving it, she realizesit is not, in fact, a grasshopper but a bell cricket. When she realized this, […]

We can work on US response to the atrocities at Abu Ghraib

Do you think the US responded to the atrocities at Abu Ghraib correctly? Much of the issue with Abu Ghraib isan issue of who holds responsibility for the actions and in particular how much can military commanders beheld responsible for the action of their subordinates. What are the competing views on commandresponsibility? Which one do […]

We can work on Information security

Information security uses administrative, technical (logical), and physical controls to mitigate risks related to organization’s assets. A policy is an administrative control. If no policy exist in the IT department, research shows that employees will default to a defacto policy. A defacto policy means a policy that is in effect ,but not formally recognize. To […]

We can work on Cell Biology Assignment

This assignment consists of four questions. Each of your responses is 25 points, and should be at least two paragraphs long, or more, depending upon the depth of the question. In what major ways do prokaryotes differ from eukaryotes? Similarly, what are the major differences between plant and animal cells?What are the four model organisms […]

We can work on Persuasive Speech

Studying martial arts is good for mind and health of young adults. –You must use at minimum of 4 credible, peer-reviewed, scholarly sources for this speech and must be verballycited. Please cite all sources and only scholarly, peer-reviewed, academic sources are permissible. Thisspeech must have a call to action in the conclusion that is specific. […]

We can work on “Come As You Are” by Emily Nagoski

Read the book, “Come As you are” by Emily Nagoski, PhD.Write a paper in three sections. A. Identify two specific concepts/passages/topics/issues about which you wantyour best friend to know. Do not summarize the text, but use your voice to recount and teach to your bff. Youare welcome to quote and follow APA format, but it’s […]

We can work on Health Care Safer Due to Technology?

Read “4 Ways Healthcare is Becoming Safer Through Technology.”https://www.newsmax.com/larryalton/healthcare-technology-patient-safety/2019/10/30/id/939465/List and explain 2 advantages of how health care is safer due to current technology.Explain the possible disadvantages you see with this type of technology if any Sample Solution Story Communication Introduction Narrative correspondence in the instructive cycle is a demonstration of standing out for learners by […]

We can work on Allison dives into the Lovelace labs and starts asking some questions. After securing an interview with the Director, he assures you that there has been no recent Y. pestis work. “We do keep it here, but it’s kept on liquid nitrogen and hasn’t been accessed in some times.

Allison dives into the Lovelace labs and starts asking some questions. After securing an interview with the Director, he assures you that there has been no recent Y. pestis work. “We do keep it here, but it’s kept on liquid nitrogen and hasn’t been accessed in some times.” Indeed, the logs don’t seem to indicate […]

We can work on Beverage intake – Canada food guide

a. Present a 1-day food/beverage intake, categorize foods/beverages consumed into groupings presented inCanada’s Food Guide (CFG)– https://food-guide.canada.ca/en/b. Analyze intake in relation to the guidelines in CFGc. Propose adjustments that would improve the 1-day intake and align it more closely with CFGd. Incorporate, briefly, research underlying the recommendations of CFGAnalysis: Follow the link to Canada’s Food […]

We can work on Electron Transport Chain

Create an infographic or video presentation on any topic listed below..Select one of the topics below:GlycolysisKrebs CycleElectron Transport ChainExplore the topic and gather the information needed to teach your fellow learners.Using the instruction videos below, please create these items using infographics Canva.com (Links to anexternal site.) or video Powtoon.com (Links to an external site.). Sample […]

We can work on Codes by greedy Algorithms -Python

Provide 4 codes by greedy Algorithms -Python with the explanation of the codes.If there is a delivery guy who can deliver 100 can of cola from his mart every time he go out and there is 7 orders:1- 5cans2- 10 cans3- 20 cans4- 60 cans5- 50 cans6- 40 cans7- 30 canswe gonna deliver depends on […]

We can work on Article Analysis;Adlerian Therapy and the Case of Stan.

Read chapter 5 on Adlerian Therapy and the Case of Stan. Using your Mindtap Video/DVD Supplemental Resource, Review the Case of Stan Adlerian Therapy Session. Write a summary by using the five follow-up questions at the end of the case on page 126. Include any techniques used. BOOK:Corey, G. (2021). Theory and Practice of Counseling […]

We can work on Formal Elements In Art

Choose a work of art from Chapter 4. In this discussion you will describe that workof art to your classmates. They cannot see the work of art, so you must explain the visual elements andprinciples utilized by the artist to create the work. Describe the work of art utilizing the terms related to theelements and […]

We can work on Mass Producing Animals as Food

Talk about moral approaches to how different types of animals are regarded in the food supply and as pets. In Chapter 5 of DesJardins, read the discussion topic “Industrial Farming: Mass Producing Animals as Food” on pp. 95–97. Use information from this reading, as well as other assigned texts from this Module, to answer these […]

We can work on Key characteristics of the Animal Kingdom

Identify key characteristics of the Animal Kingdom as they relate to the different phyla and their evolutionary relationships • Define types of body symmetry and how this relates to cephalization • Define diploblastic and triploblastic animals • Identify the different stages of embryonic development and differences between the two major lineages Sample Solution Externalities can […]

We can work on Moving the US embassy to Jerusalem controversial

Why is moving the US embassy to Jerusalem controversial and significant? Do you think that moving the US embassy to Jerusalem has weakened the prospects of a two-state solution? – Please post your answer in one paragraph The move of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem is controversial and significant because in doing so the U.S. […]

We can work on Effectiveness of an educational program on nurse’s knowledge

what and why, is the importance of this topic for nurses?what is the significance of this study for nurses?Background of this study?what methodology use and why for this topic?literature review for this study?prevalence rate in Pakistan? Sample Solution Before 1943, the musical theatre world was rife with oppressive attitudes towards women which can be seen […]

We can work on An individual risk management insurance plan

This project will include an individual risk management insurance plan written/developed by the student. Theassignment must be at least 7 pages in length with a cover and reference page (not included in the length ofthe paper). 12 point fonts and double-spaced. Concepts from the course must be used as studied during Units1 – 5. The […]

We can work on Business Proposal (for a portfolio of APRN)

Write a 2-3 page paper Business Plan that addresses the following:Identify and explain your chosen business structure (owning a private practice)Estimate monthly cost for establishing your own independent practice in florida, including:Clinical site expensesEmployee structure and expenses SuppliesUtilities and other overhead expensesMalpractice insuranceContinuing education expensesAccounting feesServices identified that you will provide (e.g., primary care services, […]

We can work on Perspectives in History

Research Plan Preparation After selecting a historical topic to research further, the next step in the research process is to create a research plan that compiles primary and secondary sources.First, applying what you just learned about narrowing research questions, revise your research questions from your Topic Exploration Worksheet.Explain how you approached revising your research questions […]

We can work on Crime Statistics Exercise

Looking at crime statistics can help good investigative reporters spot trends and evaluate if new procedures/laws are working. Please look at the ALEA crime reports from the last four available years for your home counties. If you aren’t from Alabama, use Pike County or Montgomery County for your comparison. What sorts of crime has been […]

We can work on Understanding Arts

For this assignment, you may choose a painting, sculpture, or architecture. Include the piece’s title, artist, date, and museum location. Please analyze your piece by discussing the following terms: Give a thorough and detailed description of the piece.Define the purpose of objects/figures.Describe the relative size and placement of objects/figures.Describe the use of color, and explain […]

We can work on Critical Thinking Case studies

“Jadawel” a major retailer of household products in Saudi Arabia, had experienced steady growth during the past ten years since inception i.e. 2009. Mr. Badar, Marketing manager of the company has left the company in 2019. Mr. Hesham al Harby, who was working with Mr. Badr since 2009, now became marketing manager.The company has been […]

We can work on Discussion Response

In the concluding readings for this Module and the ARCHES web resource/text, the authors argue thateducation is the key way in which individuals can contribute to the protection of cultural heritage. For thismodule, I’d like you to consider this issue. Do you think this course and/or the ARCHES resource provided youwith useful information on these […]

We can work on Museum patrons’ attitudes

A museum of arts in Baltimore wants to conduct a study of museum patrons’ attitudes concerning its collection of exhibits. What survey method would you suggest? Give reasons for your choice. A local business owner has hired you to gauge customer satisfaction with her business (note: you can select any local business like a bakery, […]

We can work on Lab exploration 2: Fractal systems

You will need install NetLogo to conduct an experiments.And using NetLogo 6.1.1 Download: http://ccl.northwestern.edu/netlogo/Use the file TentMap and Fractals for conducting the experiment.Lab exploration 2: Fractal systemsMath 309 Fall 2020Deadline: 28 September• Conduct experiments as directed.• Journal entry. Respond to each of the “journal queries.” Using concise and clear sentences,incorporate data, symbols, and illustrations into […]

We can work on Ghosts, Beasts and Monsters

Before our next scheduled class, watch Ginger Snaps (this film is available on ), then write a concise criticalresponse (150-200 words, excluding works cited) linking the reading(s) for this week (Barbara Creed) to thisfilm. (See general course documents for more detailed instructions on reading response assignments).Prompts (optional): Comment on any of the following in relation […]

We can work on Reflective essay about Anna Duong

Anna Duong is a 21-year-old female and is a single parent to a one-year-old girl who has been suffering from anxiety problems after a burglary. She was recommended to me by her doctor, Dr. Marvel (Edward Street Medical Practice). Part A Strengths  During our first meeting, she responded warmly to my salutation after which I […]

We can work on Common biotechnology lab techniques that are used for DNA isolation, amplification, and sequencing.

During this lab exercise, you will be introduced to common biotechnology lab techniques that are used for DNA isolation, amplification, and sequencing. You will test patient samples virtually to determine the identity of bacteria using a gene sequence database. 1.Access the virtual lab here https://www.biointeractive.org/classroom-resources/bacterial-identification-virtual-lab. 2.Complete the worksheet and upload it to Blackboard. Sample Solution […]

We can work on Lab ;Adhering to NIH guidelines.

Have a BSL analysis software installed on your compure? the data set is in a format that can be opened with the software only. if you have not yet installed the software use this step by step to download and install the BSL analysis biopac. Use this Website:https://www.biopac.com/support/bsl-analysis-student-rsd-download/ swipe the website a little down where […]