Ass lg n me nt 2

Ass lg n me nt 2

Marks or may»
Special instructions:
o Answer all questions as directed.
0 Please word-process your response to the assignment questions.
0 Assignments may be submitted via the Study Desk – instructions will be provided.
0 This is a research-based assignment. To avoid claims of plagiarism please reference all

material sourced.

Many countries across the world use nuclear fuels to generate energv. However, Australia,
despite being the one of the largest providers of natural uranium, has mandated against anv
nuclear power energv generation. Public opinion is divided on this issue, with many
considering nuclear generated energy as much cleaner than our existing coal powered
stations. Recent disasters at nuclear power plants (C hemolnrl, Three-mile Island and
F ulmshima) have swayed opinion against nuclear power.

Question 1 (130 marks)
As one of the largest providers of ru‘anium. Australia has an effective and efficient mining
industry to meet world demand. Write a report on the mining and processing of the uranium
from ore to final product as a nuclear fuel. Your report should be written fi’om a process
engineer‘s perspective, by highlighting the following:-

0 Mining processing used;

0 Converting the ore to raw material:

0 Processing of the raw material to refined nuclear fuel.

At each stage. describe some of the equipment used. process control strategies and safety
considerations to be implemented.

Your response should include an executive srurmrary, clear sections (with appropriate
headings): illustrations to explain concepts; accurate citing of resoru’ces and a complete
reference listing. Word-process yoru’ report. indicating the number of words used (excluding
the executive summary and reference list). Note that report should not exceed 2500 words.

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