Bog, Marsh, & Swamp


Bog, Marsh, & Swamp

In lecture, we talked about bogs, marshes, and swamps.  For this assignment, you will research and write about a bog, swamp, AND marsh. From website resources and any other resources, do the following:
?    Define a bog, marsh, and swamp.
?    Locate a bog, marsh, and swamp in Ohio.
?    Make a general description of each (bog, marsh, and swamp.   Where is the feature located (county or nearest city)?   How large is the site (acres or square miles)?
?    Describe any special features present in the bog, marsh, and swamp.
?    Describe flora and fauna located at each site (bog, marsh, and swamp.
?    Include a picture of the site (overall picture or specific flora or fauna) of the bog, marsh, and swamp

The written report should be at least 3/4 page to 2 pages-(Your name, UST 259, and date do not count toward the ¾ page minimum).The paper should be double spaced with 1 inch margins using Arial size 12 font.
You may submit your assignment through CSU Blackboard email or you may submit a paper copy at the beginning of the next class meeting.

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