Annotated bibliography

Please write an annotated bibliography of between 250 to 350 words for each of the following readings:

• Mays N. Evaluation. In: Gabe J, Monaghan LF, eds. Key Concepts in Medical Sociology.2nd ed. London, U.K.: Sage Publications; 2013:221-226.
• Duignan P, Dehar MA, Casswell, S. Planning Evaluation of Health Promotion Programmes: A Framework for Decision Making. Auckland, Alcohol and Public Health Research Unit, School of Medicine, University of Auckland; 1992.
• Keen J, Packwood T. Case study evaluation (Qualitative Research Part 7). Brit Med J.1995;311(7002):441-444.
• Van Norren B, Boerma JT, Sepembwa EKM. Simplifying the evaluation of primary health care programmes.Soc Sci Med.1989;28(10):1091-1097.
• Birckmayer JD, Weiss CH. Theory-based evaluation in practice: what do we learn? Eval Rev. 2000;24(4):407-431.
• Mayne J. Contribution analysis: Coming of age? Evaluation. 2012;18(3):270– 280.
• Glasgow RE, Vogt TM, Boles SM. Evaluating the public health impact of health promotion interventions: the RE-AIM framework. Am J Public Health. 1999;89(9):1322-1327.
• Anderson I. Aboriginal health, policy and modelling in social epidemiology. In: Eckersley R, Dixon J, Douglas B, eds. The Social Origins of Health and Well-being. Cambridge, U.K.: Cambridge University Press; 2001:247-258.
• Humphery K. Dirty questions: Indigenous health and ‘Western research’. Aust NZ J Publ Heal. 2001;25(3):197-202.
• Kemm J. The limitations of ‘evidence-based’ public health. J Eval Clin Pract. 2006;12(3):319-324.



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