Enviroment science.

1) You want to develop a power plant from a economically beneficial standpoint. You want a profitable business model. Ecological consideration are important to you model but secondary. Your geographic location for this power is going to be in the U.S state of Utah. Consider aspects like short and long term gains. With this in mind develop a plan for a type of power (nuclear, fossil, renewables, etc)

2) you are trying to develop an efficient power supply, witch at least partially considers the ecology of an era. You want long term, stable energy sources in order for energy production. You are geographically located towards Alaska, an area rich in fossil resources, prone to high winds, and low solar indexes (ie low light)

3) As New York City continues to grow new power resources will be necessary to support the city. Develop a case of which source could provide this power (fossil, nuclear, renewable). Keep in mind NYC’s current distribution of power in which approximately 65% comes from gas fire plants, ~25 from nuclear, and 5 from renewables.






cost and benefit of nuclear
advantages of nuclear
nuclear accidents, fission explained
nuclear economics

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