Topic: Effect of credit rating changes on stock prices

Paper details:
– methodology/data and conclusion part
– Implementing an event study and multiple regression analyses
– Dependent variable might be the Cumulative average abnormal return or something else that the writer may propose
– independent variable: for some regressions should be company characteristics and other regression corporate governance characteristics such as shareholder rights, CEO duality etc. (also depends on what the writer thinks might be reasonable)

requirements for the writer:
– should have SPSS or STATA
– if the writer has access to the WRDS database or worked with that database (would be helpful but is not necessarily required, otherwise I can offer him/her the access)
– should have deep statistical knowledge, should have worked with event studies and have finance knowledge
– should have an idea how to realize the regression analysis
– needs to know how to calculate the Cumulative average abnormal return or at least how to get all required information from the WRDS database. (otherwise I can offer to download the stock prices and index prices so that the writer calculates it by him/herself.)

– I can offer two excel sheet with the even date, which includes the exact date when a credit rating change (one sheet includes rating upgrade and the other one rating downgrade) took place for US stocks over the last 10 years (about 400 observations each sheet)

I dont need explanation of any kind definition such as methodology or what ever. The writer should start right away with analyzing the data, regression analysis he/she implemented.

Thank you

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