A 2500 words assigment reflecting on the development of the individual students effective personal and professional study skill

A 2500 words assigment reflecting on the development of the individual students effective personal and professional study skill

Part 1: What is required in the essay
The essay should demonstrate the following elements;
Within the assignment the student is required to:
1.Provide evidence that they have used and reviewed of a variety of sources of information regarding effective studying .
2.Discuss issues surrounding the essential elements of effective study.
3.Make reference to a model of reflection, demonstrating how it has been used within the process of their development.
4.Explore areas requiring further development within the context of study skills .
5.Discuss the process of finding information.
talk about how all this skills effect in my study , future study and work
6. you can write SMART goal and mansion in essay did it reflect .
SOME Advisable references:( the reference should be between 2005-2015) , articles and journals should be highly academic , advanced search , peer reviewed. ( try to use the references are below and add more .
1.Cottrell, S. (2008) The Study Skills Handlbook.3rd
edition. London: Palgrave
Supplementary texts:
2.Bulman, C. & Schutz, S. (2008) Reflective Practice in Nursing 4th Ed Oxford: Blackwell Publishing
2.Buzan, T. (2011) ,study skills Mind Maps ,memory techniques , speed reading. pearson education limited: BBC.(ISBN:978-1-4066-489-8)
3.Burns T & Sinfield S (2010), Essential stuy skills ,2nd edition ,SAGE publications Ltd , London (ISBN 978-1-4129-4584-4)
4.Craig C (2009), study skills for health and social care students, SAGE publication Ltd, London ( ISBN 978-1-84787-388-0)
5.Kirton B (2010),brilliant study skills, pearson education ,(ISBN : 978-0-273-73437-6)
6.Cottrell S (2008) ,the study skills handbook ,3rd edition ,published by palgrave macmillan ,London , (ISBN 13: 978-0-230-57305-5)
7.Payne E & Whittaker L (2006), Developing essential study skills , 2n edition , Pearson education limited ,England (ISBN:978-0-273-68804-4)
8.Price G & Maier P (2007) , Effective study skills ,pearson education limited , England (ISBN: 978-1-4058-4073-6)
9.Mason E -Whitehead & Mason T (2008),study skills for nurses , SAGE Publications, London (ISBN: 978-1-4129-3416-9)
Useful World Wide Web (www) addresses/other sources e.g. journals
National Electronic Library for Health www.nelh.nhs.uk
Support 4 Learning www.support4learning.org

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