We can work on Pain and controlled substances.

Cover either pain management, prescribing of controlled substances, mitigating risk or opioid abuse, and legal and ethical considerations regarding pain and controlled substances. You should create one exam style question. You should create a multiple-choice question and provide the answer to the question at the bottom Share on Facebook Tweet Follow us Sample Answer Exam […]

We can work on Focussing on the family as a unit

In this discussion, we focus on T. Berry Brazelton, who was, until his death in 2018 at the age of 99, a towering figure in pediatrics and child development whose significant contribution was to our understanding and appreciation of newborns. In 1973, he developed the Neonatal Behavioral Assessment Scale (NBAS), which is still widely used […]

We can work on An emotional development mini-lesson to implement with the child.

Create an emotional development mini-lesson to implement with the child. Review your previous observations to determine where the child is meeting emotional developmental milestones and where additional support might be beneficial. Use this pre-assessment data to develop a min- lesson that includes two separate activities that can be implemented to improve the emotional development of […]

We can work on Interventions /actions used to influence student to behave appropriately

Which interventions or actions could you use to influence the student to behave appropriately? Explain your choices. Which logical consequences would be appropriate?Which domains of Social-Emotional Learning could be utilized in your instruction to support the student’s appropriate behavior in the future? Explain how the SEL domains will help.How would you use your relationships with […]

We can work on The “Six Pillars of Character”

Scenario Mr. Y is in his first 90 days of employment in his district as a middle school math teacher. He has made friends with many staff members and invited them to visit his social media page. On his page, Mr. Y shares quite a bit of personal information. One of his colleagues visited the […]

We can work on The five hierarchies of human needs that motivate our behavior

What are the five hierarchies of human needs that motivate our behavior? Provide concrete examples of each.How can you use Maslow’s hierarchy to promote your student’s wellbeing in the classroom? Reflect and provide unique examples.How can educators motivate students that are struggling and falling behind? Reflect and provide concrete examples.Analyze and explain the main dimensions […]