We can work on High profile police brutality cases

After the BLM marches in the wake of the death of George Floyd this summer and the Capitol insurrection in January, many concluded that there were two sets of policing and justice standards in the US, one for whites and one for nonwhites. Do you think this accusation has any truth to it or is […]

We can work on Labor relations

Labor relations define the interactions between management and unionized employees. The Human Resources Department is responsible for the management side of labor relations. Even though many companies do not have a union, in the hospitality industry, many employers do. The collective bargaining process is the negotiation process resulting in a contract, or Collective Bargaining Agreement […]

We can work on Overcoming challenges

Describe a significant challenge you have experienced in your life, share the strategies you employed to overcome the challenge, and what you learned from the experience. Sample Solution The Revenger’s Tragedy Misfortune of Avengers What sort of misfortune is this? By definition, the misfortune is “a staggering, excruciating, dismal occasion”. Notwithstanding, the awfulness of Avengers […]

We can work on Professionalism and respect

Professionalism and respect in the community in which you live is of utmost importance in medical school and as a physician. What three professional qualities do you believe a Student Doctor must demonstrate and describe how you will demonstrate these qualities as a medical student at VCOM?How do your professional ambitions align with osteopathic medicine?What […]

We can work on Diagnose brain death

Your patient is a 23-year-old female with a history of headaches. This morning she was experiencing a really bad headache as her boyfriend was driving her to the university. He thought she was sleeping and by the time they got to the school, 45 minutes later, she was not waking up. She was diagnosed with […]

We can work on Advantageous for Elon Musk to purchase Twitter? Why?

After reading the following article(s) or watching the following video(s), use this forum to contribute to the discussion. Elon Musk Sells of Tesla Stock in Preparation for Possible Twitter Deal (Links to an external site.)Writing Prompt/Question: Will it be advantageous for Elon Musk to purchase Twitter? Why? Sample Solution Furthermore, Vittola communicates the degree of […]

We can work on Afrojack’s perceptions of social media

Do you agree with Afrojack’s perceptions of social media? Cruising Around Amsterdam With Afrojack | Forbes Sample Solution Furthermore, Vittola communicates the degree of military strategies utilized, however never arrives at a resolution regardless of whether it’s legal to continue these activities, as he continually tracked down a center ground, where it tends to be […]

We can work on The concept of health and wellness differs greatly between people

The concept of health and wellness differs greatly between people. Health can be the absence of disease, while wellness can imply a positive state of health in holism, encompassing the mental, emotional, spiritual, and even social aspects. Think about your own state of health. Do you consider yourself a healthy person? If so, what motivates […]

We can work on Craftsmanship & Fine Art featuring artist Martin Puryear

The topic of craft as fine art, can be a controversial one. Artists who work in the medium of crafts today, are not necessarily creating work that is functional, which comes out of the tradition of crafts. One contemporary artist who utilizes and refers to the tradition of craft in his work to create sculptures […]


Your thesis statement should address this question: Should museums return cultural objects/ artworksthat have requested for repatriation by? You will need to define repatriation in the paper. You will also focus more closely on one specific artwork or object. Pick a specific artwork or cultural artifact that has been requested for repatriation from the list […]

We can work on Bryce-Kingston Business Case

ScenarioIn your role as a Business Process Consultant at Bryce-Kingston, you are writing business case for JBH Electronics (JBH) in preparation for their upcomingshareholder meeting to vote on a future acquisition. The Executive team from JBH wants to ensure that they have a perspective on what other companies inthe electronics industry are using as best […]