Your thesis statement should address this question: Should museums return cultural objects/ artworks
that have requested for repatriation by? You will need to define repatriation in the paper. You will also focus more closely on one specific artwork or object. Pick a specific artwork or cultural artifact that has been requested for repatriation from the list below. Some of these objects have been returned and some have not. You should write about this process in your paper. What are some of the complications related to the process of repatriation? If you are addressing an object from a Native American group you will need to address NAGPRA (The Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act) and if you are addressing artwork in a museum that is being/was requested back from another country you will need to address how international laws play a role in repatriation.
You also need to include visual analysis and historical context for the artwork you selected. Here are some
questions you may want to address. You should address some of these, but you do not need to cover them all:
• Why was the artwork or cultural object created? What was the purpose of the artwork or cultural object?
• Who made it and who is the intended audience?
• How was it produced?
• What is the political, economic, religious and/or social context? i.e what was happening in society at the
time when it was made?
• Where was it located after it was completed and who has/had access to it?

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