We can work on Mobile Advertising and Mobile Commerce

This is only 3 discussions. One page each. This does NOT have to be in APA format. Discussion 1 (Promotion): Prior to beginning work on this discussion, review Chapter 13: Global Marketing Communications Decision I, and The Toyota Recall Crisis: Media Impact on Toyota’s Corporate Brand Reputation article. The promotion (P) of the marketing mix […]

We can work on Smartphones and other internet-connected digital media devices use at night

How does smartphone use at night affect duration and quality of sleep, and what impact does that have on mental well-being? Smartphones and other internet-connected digital media devices such as computer tablets are indispensable tools of modern life. They provide 24-hour access to a seemingly limitless array of information, media, entertainment, and social interactions. There […]

We can work on Problem Evaluation and Formulation of Solutions

Identify an issue or problem in your current work setting that could be the focus of a change project. Using the format outlined on p. 201 of Puccio, Mance, & Murdock, outline the pluses, potentials, concerns, and ways to successfully implement change (PPCO. Develop an 8-10 page paper which examines, in depth, the items you […]


The ancient civilizations surrounding the Aegean Sea between about 1700 B.C.E. and about 133 B.C.E. established standards in the visual arts that have influenced Western art ever since. The Minoans on the island of Crete, the Mycenaeans on the Greek mainland, and the classical Greeks on both the mainland and the shores Asia Minor drew […]

We can work on Critical analysis of a journal article related to Saudi Vision 2030

Description Compose a critical analysis of a journal article related to Saudi Vision 2030. Your essay must include the following: Title page Introductory paragraph (a brief paragraph that simply and succinctly introduces the topic) Body (a series of cohesive paragraphs that include in-text citations and further discuss the topic. This is where your critical analysis […]

We can work on Prescribing Medication and Providing Psychotherapy

Description Subheading needed. Millions of children and adolescents in the United States are diagnosed with a wide variety of DSM-5 diagnoses. As a result, psychotherapy and psychotropic medications are widely used in the treatment of mental illness among this patient population. PMHNPs are among the psychiatric providers who are available to meet the psychiatric mental […]

We can work on “Where Does all the E-Waste Go?

Description ) Basic to the issue or reducing E-Waste is the question of who should pay. Should it be the individual consumer, the retailer, or the manufacturer? ii) Would it be fair to ask consumers to pay a recycling tax on electronic devices? ii) Go online and search for an electronics recycling center near you? […]

We can work on How will you facilitate member growth and development?

Application Project Team Charter Outline Before completing this charter, read Roger Kaufman’s article and my file regarding means and ends. The purpose of developing a team charter is to jump-start your work together as a learning team, help you avoid or quickly avoid common problems, and facilitate continual improvement of your team’s performance. By addressing […]

We can work on Differences in regulations between countries can affect the competitiveness of American and Western European companies

Explain how differences in regulations between countries can affect the competitiveness of American and Western European companies. Sample Solution the most dominant group in the parliament. This step effectively makes the European Union a political body rather than the economic one meant for the over watch of the economic activities of Europe. In fact, the […]

We can work on Fourth Amendment of United States: History & Applicability in U.S. Trials

United States Constitution & Fourth Amendment generally (history and reason for existence) What Fourth Amendment applies to Exclusionary Rule of Fourth Amendment Applicability in criminal cases (with court decisions) Applicability in civil cases (with court decisions) Practical effects of the Fourth Amendment / Exclusionary rule in trials Sample Solution roblems that plague the Union are […]