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This is only 3 discussions. One page each. This does NOT have to be in APA format.
Discussion 1 (Promotion): Prior to beginning work on this discussion, review Chapter 13: Global Marketing Communications Decision I, and The Toyota Recall Crisis: Media Impact on Toyota’s Corporate Brand Reputation article.

The promotion (P) of the marketing mix includes advertising, public relations, sales promotion, personal selling, and direct marketing. When a company embraces integrated marketing communications, it recognizes that the various elements of a company’s communication strategy must be carefully coordinated.


Determine four major difficulties that can compromise an organization’s attempt to communicate with customers in any location. Provide examples.

Some global marketers believe in a “one world, one voice” approach to global advertising worldwide, which simply means people everywhere want the same products for the same reason. Other global marketers believe in a localized approach and are skeptical of the global-village argument and they assert that consumers still differ from country to country, and advertise to their respective countries.

Explain which view of global marketing you embrace and believe is most effective. Provide examples to support your rationale.

Public Relations:

Public Relations (PR) “is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.” Review the Toyota Crisis article carefully and search the web for more information needed to understand their case of PR.

Explain the issues that can arise in different country markets when marketers decide to implement a global sales promotion strategy. Differentiate between personal selling and direct marketing.

Discussion 2(Mobile Advertising and Mobile Commerce):Prior to beginning work on this assignment, review Chapter 15: Global Marketing and the Digital Revolution and refer back to Chapter 9: Global Market-Entry Strategies: Licensing, Investment, and Strategic Alliances in your text.

Mobile advertising and mobile commerce are terms that describe the use of cellphones as channels for delivering advertising messages and conducting product and service transactions. Choose between Starbucks and McDonald’s and imagine you have a contract with this company to strategize and enhance its mobile advertising and mobile commerce activities. Do some research and see what already is available in terms of mobile advertising and mobile commerce for your company.

In your discussion post you will

Summarize current mobile advertising and mobile commerce activities being used by your contract company. Formulate a new mobile strategy for your contract company around the use of GPS and mobile payment.     Select two implementation challenges if your proposal is accepted to roll out globally.     If the company decides to enter a new market via licensing versus investment, how would it impact the new mobile strategy that you are proposing?

Sample Solution

She looked to the left of her, and he or she noticed humans stealing something they might get their hands on. To her right, policemen had been struggling to sustain one of the looters caught trying to steal a radio from an equipment save. There were broadly speaking privately owned organizations that had been burned. The rioters sought out to intention at white business owners and those who they felt had individually discriminated in opposition to them. All around her, there has been smoke from the burning homes, soot from the fireplace extinguishers, and injured people mendacity at the floor. ready with a first useful resource package from the health facility, Ms. Wroten started out to help those who she could. She wrapped gauze around gushing wounds, applied sterile bandages to first degree burns, and implemented antibiotics to floor cuts. strolling backward and forward between the clinic and the streets of Watts, she offered oxygen mask for individuals who were too weak to breathe and carried kids to secure houses. Then, she went around from house to house, making sure that the women and youngsters had been doing first-rate. She recalled having to console one female who notion that her son may have taken element inside the rioting and the vandalism of one of the shops. Going to check on her personal youngsters, whom she had taken to her sister’s house, Ms. Wroten witnessed citizens combating police, citizens attacking white motorists, and residents who had been stopping firefighters from putting out a number of the fires. those, and similar, activities persisted for the duration of the day. At one factor, Ms. Wroten remembers being not able to understand herself while she seemed in one of the few glass home windows that had not been damaged. Soot protected her entire body, from her hair to her shoes. She idea to herself, “It’s difficult enough simply trying to continue to exist out here. How in the international should a person be concerned with stealing matters from a store?” because the night time came, more and more armed forces regarded on the scene, attempting to control the rioters. fire brigades were seeking to put out fires, while guardsmen tried to repair order inside the streets. through the fourth day of the riots, officers have been anywhere. The authorities had mounted a curfew to keep humans from coming outside. Ms. Wroten remembers government officers status in front of houses to make certain that nobody disobeyed the regulations of the curfew. It labored. with the aid of Sunday, August 15, the officers had sooner or later gotten the riots underneath control. Fires, vandalism, and looting had all ceased. hundreds of thousands of bucks really worth of damage had been left as a end result. five years after the Watts Riots, Ms. Wroten recollects that the neighborhood turned into still scarred from the events of 1965. Burned homes that have been once prosperous before the riots remained bleak. lots remained empty, and desire of restoration subsided. Many people left Watts, either searching for better dwelling situations, or fearful of a reoccurrence. in the long run it was diagnosed that the arrest of the Frye family became now not the solitary motive of the Watts Riots. some underlying motives were high unemployment, inferior dwelling situations, and negative schooling. Little efforts have been made to exchange these attributes, and consequently, Watts nevertheless has lots of those issues these days. In 1992, Ms. Wroten witnessed some other riot in South critical, L.A., the Rodney King rebellion. Rodney King, an African-American male, have been violently attacked by 4 white law enforcement officials rapidly after he led police on a high speed chase. the beating have been stuck on tape. Charged with attack and use of excessive pressure, a jury, which become predominantly white, acquitted the law enforcement officials. The riots began quickly after the decision became passed. Ms. Wroten remembered being on her manner to work when the riots commenced. She described the scene as a “battle zone”. She stated that,>

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