you must read this book in chapter 4 (Adult Learning Chapter 4: Self-Directed Learning … pp. 61-81) the name of the book:

you must read this book in chapter 4 (Adult Learning Chapter 4: Self-Directed Learning … pp. 61-81) the name of the book:
Required Text

Merriam, S. B., & Bierema, L. L., (2014). Adult Learning: Linking Theory and Practice (1st Ed.). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. ISBN: 978-1-118-13057-5
Also, you must reading and watching these:
Adult Learning Chapter 4: Self-Directed Learning … pp. 61-81
Brookfield, Self-Directed Adult Learning, pp. 59-71
Van Woerkom, Critical Reflection as a Rationalistic Ideal, pp. 339-356
Brookfield. contesting critically…in critical reflection p. 1-5
Malkki, Building on Mezirow, pp. 42-60

View prior to class: Brookfield on adult learning (View minutes 0:16 to 1:03)

Now I will explain the paper format :

a short paper of no more than one and one-half (1 ½ ) pages double spaced, commonly referred to as a 3×3. This short paper will consist of three questions, concerns, or problems you identify from the readings or activities, AND three major points or illuminating ideas generated by the readings ( Please please identify the text(s) and page number(s) of the readings or activities where each issue or illuminations is derived). Once you identify the three issues and illuminations you should provide a brief reflection, rooted in personal experience, that helps explicate the concerns and illuminations identified and why they are important to you. Be concise but provide enough information for others to be able to understand the context. You will have plenty of time for further elaboration in our discussions.

You will need two copies of your 3×3. One of the copies is for the instructor and the other is for student reference during the discussions. The student copy can be electronic and the instructor copy can be sent electronically at least one hour prior to class. These papers will be shared in the small groups and each small group will, through consensus, generate three concerns and three illuminations to share with the whole group.

A lot of times folks have trouble getting the first few 3×3 assignments down to 1½ pages. Part of my “hidden curriculum” for these assignments is the art of being succinct. You must be able to be clear and concise in communication with superiors, subordinates and colleagues. Most people will generally want your correspondence with them to be about one page and they usually won’t read more than two. Be brief and concise but make sure your idea(s) are understandable. You will have time to extrapolate on your ideas when we meet in class.

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