Weekly Reflection and Chapter Summary and

Weekly Reflection and Chapter Summary and
Weekly Reflection and Summary of the Chapter Review:
Each chapter you will turn in a reflection of your learning from the chapter along with a summary from the chapter this serves two functions:
• To give you opportunities for elaborative rehearsal to cement your understanding and receive feedback prior to applying concepts in the larger projects
• To provide accountability for your participation in viewing group projects and supplemental material in lieu of in-person lecture.
The expectation and recommendation is that you will have done all the work of the week including reading the chapter, chapter summary, peer review, seminar prep paragraph, discussion, viewing of the group presentation, and viewing any supplemental material PRIOR to writing this summary. It will be very difficult to receive full points if you have not been participating during the week.
Write a 500 word personal reflection wherein you take the time to thoughtfully apply concepts from the week’s lessons to your life. The reflection should include at least one psychological concept with applicable vocabulary (bolded) and defined (in italics) with one personal real life experience as an example. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE DEFINITIONS FROM ANY SOURCE. You must write the entire reflection in your own words only. Additionally you must mention the way in which the concept you’re discussing were discussed in the book, in the group presentation, and in any supplemental materials available.
• Correctly formatted APA title page and works cited page
• Times New Roman 12 point font, 1” margins, double spaced
• Minimum of 500 words (use your word processing programs “word count” tool to check)
• Please include your word count at the bottom of your document.
The reflection will be graded based on a 4-point scale:
40= Comprehensive Understanding of Material Indicated
30= Full Understanding of Material Indicated
20= Limited Understanding of Material Indicated
10= Little to No Understanding of Material Indicated
Chapter Summary and Seminar Prep Guidelines
You will turn in a Chapter Summary (CS) the same time for the designated chapter
• It ensures that everyone is on the same page when we start talking about the material from the Chapter and demonstrates to me that you did your reading (which is a requirement in this class) and that you spent time thinking about what you read.
• It helps you digest and integrate the information that you read. This will deepen your learning and make it easier for you to remember and recall information learned so that you are able to be an active participant in the seminars.
• It shows me which areas students are most interested in and which areas students are feeling most challenged by – both of which help me to design relevant, interesting, useful lessons for you.
• It will help you to develop skills needed to take notes and summarize information when writing research papers in the future.
The expectation (and recommendation) is that you READ THE ENTIRE Chapter AND TAKE EFFECTIVE NOTES on the entire Chapter prior to writing your Chapter Summary.
Tips on notes:
• As you read the Chapter, take notes.
• Your notes should be a summary of what you read, written in your own words. DO NOT just copy key terms and write down the textbook definition. Thinking about a concept and explaining it in your own words is a method of elaborative rehearsal which helps you to better LEARN and REMEMBER the concept, leading to better test scores.
• Your notes should include key terms, important concepts, important people, important theories, and anything that was particularly interesting or relevant to you.
You will then write a summary of the Chapter in preparation for Class Discussion and Seminar:
• Correctly formatted APA title page and works cited page
• Times New Roman 12 point font, 1” margins, double spaced
• Minimum of 500 words (use your word processing programs “word count” tool to check)
• Please include your word count at the bottom of your document.
• Demonstrate critical thought, show me that you’ve thought about the reading and have your own thoughts and analysis of what you’ve read. The hope is that you will develop insight about how these concepts apply to you.

Additionally write a paragraph on one of these four in preparation to discuss:
1. What is one concept from this Chapter that was interesting to you?
2. Describe, in detail, a real life experience you’ve had that relates to a topic in this Chapter.
3. Having read this Chapter, what would you like to know more about?
• “Nothing” or “I already know everything I want to know about this” are not acceptable answers. Pick something.
Do you have any unanswered questions from this Chapter? Is there anything you’re feeling confused about or needing help understanding? Any additional comments?
*******A paragraph is a minimum of four (4) complete sentences that make sense an go together.*******

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