writing a 'marketing management case

You need to develop and write a ‘marketing management case ON VEOLIA ENVIRONMENT SERVICES’ thoroughly. However, your ‘marketing management case’ (or assessment task 3) ON VEOLIA ENVIRONMENT SERVICES.
A marketing management case ON VEOLIA ENVIRONMENT SERVICES can be conceptualized and developed from an identified marketing related current problem of an organization and/or your experience of working in an organization nationally/internationally. You may also get an idea about a marketing management case and its key components from the cases particularly designed for the tutorial sessions of this course.Use of local-national-and-international newspapers, magazines and journal articles, findings from interviews, and Websites or Web-based sources will be considered positively. You can also make a case story based on the marketing mix practices of a firm and can validate the case story through discussions/interviews with the owner/CEO/Marketing Managers/Directors and incorporate your findings in the final report. :

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